I Finally Understood Why It Didn’t Work Out Between Us When I Saw Her

 Emmanuel Rosario
Emmanuel Rosario

I saw her and I finally understood why it never worked out between us.

She’s the type of girl who manipulates everyone around her to get them to like her, she’s the type of girl who puts on a show people want to watch and she’s the type of girl who says all the right things and asks all the right questions so she can make everyone feel that she truly understands them.

She’s the type of girl who gets what she wants only because she is pretending to be someone else, someone she knows you’ll like and someone she knows you’ll respect, but what will happen once the mask comes off and who she really is comes on?

Will you still be enjoying her show? Her entertainment? Her exceptional acting skills? Or will you long for someone who is real? Someone who makes it easier for you to know what they’re thinking, someone who makes it easier for you to trust them and someone who makes it easier for you to differentiate between reality and fiction.

I guess you didn’t like my honesty and you wanted to live a lie.

You still want to be challenged even if it means getting hurt, you still want to wow everyone you know by who you’re dating even if you don’t get to wow yourself, you still want to be the fixer for someone who is going to break you and you still want the ones who will never truly love you the way you want to be loved.

What you want from her is what I wanted from you until I saw her and I realized that I was dumb enough to believe that we had a shot.

Seeing her made me realize that I didn’t even know you, because if this is who you fell in love with, then there was no way you’d fall in love with me.

I guess I blame myself for thinking that people always want what resembles them, someone as kind as they are and someone as loving as they are, but I also realized that some people want exactly what they’re not, they want someone who will make them doubt themselves or change who they are, and some people want what they can’t have because they only care about the chase.

All it took was seeing her to understand you, although I should’ve understood you a long time ago because I almost fell in love with you the way you fell in love with her.

I almost lost myself trying to fix you and I almost believed the show you put on before I realized that you’re such a bad actor.

I finally understood that you were trying to find pieces of her in me and you got lost because we have nothing in common and you got confused because I wasn’t even part of the show and I wasn’t reading from a script.

All it took was seeing her to wholeheartedly believe that I’m not the girl for youThought Catalog Logo Mark

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