20 Struggles Of Having A Sentimental Heart And A Skeptical Mind  

Natalie Allen
Natalie Allen

1. Even though you see the best in people, you often question their sincerity and if they truly meant what they say.

2. You want to believe the compliments you receive but you wonder if there’s any ulterior motive behind them.

3. If the person you’re dating tells you that he/she is going out of town, you’ll miss them but you will also be snooping to make sure they’re not lying to you.

4. You’re nice to your best friend’s new friend but deep inside you wonder if they’re genuine or they’re just using your best friend.

5. Anything or anyone you’re passionate about turns into an FBI case with extensive investigation.

6. You never know if you should follow your heart or your mind because they’re at two very different places taking you to two opposite directions.

7. If you follow you heart, your mind will fill you with doubt.

8. If you follow your mind, your heart will not be satisfied.

9. You give people really wise and solid advice yet you never believe your own advice.

10. You have a love-hate relationship with almost everything.

11. You always fear that people will give away your secrets (even your closest friends.)

12. You sympathize with everyone but you always question if they’re telling the truth.

13. When you make new friends, you try to open up to them but you’re not sure if you should trust them.

14. People often call you ‘moody’ because you have days when your mind takes over and other days when your heart takes over.

15. When someone doesn’t text you back, you go through all the craziest scenarios in your head but forget all about it once you get a response.

16. You forgive people but you never forget what they did to you and you’re always expecting them to do the same thing again.

17. You’re hard on yourself on most days yet you feel sorry for yourself a lot.

18. You’re both intuitive and intelligent; so you’re always feeling too much or reading too much into things.

19. If someone did you wrong, you feel bad about it but you keep going back and thinking of all the other things they did that you ignored.

20. Everyone tells you that you should be an FBI agent but you know you’re too sentimental to be one.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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