15 Things Your Guy Friends Just Seem To Know (Even If You Don’t Tell Them)


1. If he’s into you. They just know. From the first time they meet him, they will know if he likes you enough and is serious about you or if he’s just playing games.

2. If he’s a douche. They also just know, even if he has the biggest smile on his face, they can tell if he’s not genuine and if he’s just playing you.

3. If she’s fake. They read girls just as well as they read guys and will tell you if your new friend is shady and opportunistic or if she truly cares about you.

4. If you’re sad. They can tell if you’re upset or if something is bothering you, they’re very intuitive when it comes to their closest friends and they will know if something is wrong with you right away.

5. If you secretly like someone. They can sense when you’re trying to hide something or that you’ve been up to something lately, they have a radar that tells them that you’ve been sneaky.

6. If you just want attention. They know your social media game and they will call you out on it; that selfie, that quote or that song, they know exactly why you posted and who you’re trying to send a message to.

7. When you’re compromising. They know when you’re compromising yourself for someone else and pretending that this who you are and they will be your wake-up call when you’re too blind to realize it.

8. If you need a drink. They can sense that you’re too anxious or too moody and they know how fix it by getting your favorite drink even when you don’t feel like drinking.

9. When you need a good laugh. If you’ve been too stressed or too groggy lately, don’t be surprised if your guy friends decide to randomly take you out to cheer you up. It’s their way of being there for you.

10. When you can’t understand something. Even if you pretended like you did, they can tell you didn’t and they will either shame you publicly for it or secretly explain it to you.

11. When you don’t like someone. They can read your eyes and your body language and they know when you’re not a fan of someone – even if it’s the girl they’re dating.

12. When you’re fighting with your girlfriends. They will notice that you’ve been distant or weird with someone and if things are not the same even if you think you’re acting ‘normal.’

13. When you’re mad at them. Even if you try to act cool and nonchalant, they know that you’re mad at them and they probably know why but they will give you a hard time until you cave and confront them.

14. When you’re not feeling good about yourself. Guys can tell when your confidence has taken a big hit more than girls, and they will either remind you of your worth or talk some sense back into you.

15. When you need them the most. Even if you never directly tell them that you do, they know when you want their support and guidance and when you need to lean on them and they will always make sure to show up and let you know that they will always be there for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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