12 Subtle Signs To Know If Someone Is Lying To You

 Neill Kumar
Neill Kumar

1. Stuttering & inconsistencies. When someone is lying, they usually have a hard time coming up with coherent answers and their lies will be full of contradictions, so watch what they say and how they say it, if it doesn’t add up and the person is stuttering more than usual then this a clear sign that they’re lying.

2. Touching their nose or mouth. If you ask someone a question and they start touching their face or covering their nose, it means they’re uncomfortable and they don’t want to answer that question because they were not prepared for it.

3. Looking side to side or not blinking at all. There are two types of liars: those who look you in the eye without blinking to try to prove that they’re not hiding anything and those who can’t look at you because they’re afraid of getting caught. Too much or too little eye contact is a clear sign of lying.

4. Sudden head movements. If you suspect someone is lying and you notice that they keep changing their head direction then they probably are. Usually they will lean their head backwards to distance themselves from the anxiety or the pressure that is directed at them.

5. Insincere emotions or lack of empathy. Lies are not genuine and so there will be no emotion behind it, if you sense that the person in front of you is being fake or insincere, it is an indication that they are not saying what they’re truly feeling.

6. Not answering right away. If someone pauses or takes a few seconds to come up with an answer and you see that they’re swallowing or clearing their throat, it means they were caught off guard and do not have the right answer for you, instead, they will take a moment or two to think of a good lie to tell.

7. Giving too much information. Sometimes liars overcompensate for their lies by providing too much information or explanations on the subject to make people think that what they’re saying is actually true.

8. Repeating their sentences. When liars try to convince you of their lies, they will often repeat the same words or sentences over and over again especially when they’re being cornered and running out of material.

9. Using distractions. Liars will try to shift their anxiety onto something else, they’ll either play with their phone, or start moving things in front of them to distract you from the main lie. It’s also a sign that they’re nervous and don’t know how to handle their lies well.

10. Their voice changes. Liars will change the tone of their voice when they’re telling a lie, they will either speak very loudly or they will whisper. Closely observe their voice in a regular speech and in a lie and you will be able to tell the difference.

11. Moving their feet. When liars get uncomfortable, they will start shuffling their feet or maybe put one leg on top of the other to give the impression that they are relaxed and that whatever you’re asking them didn’t faze them.

12. They attempt to turn the tables on you. The biggest sign that someone is lying is when they try to turn the tables on you or blame you, it’s their defense mechanism when they’re feeling threatened and they will automatically accuse you of the same thing they’re being accused of. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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