10 Reasons Why It’s Harder For Strong Women To Find Love

Kirill Vasilev

1. They do not settle. Strong women have high standards and even if they like someone who is not treating them the way they deserve, they will still walk away. They don’t compromise their standards for someone else and they know what kind of person they deserve to be with.

2. They’re not afraid of speaking up. They’re not afraid to tell someone what they did wrong or call someone out on their lies. This is why they’re often labeled ‘intimidating’ because they can stand up for themselves and will not hold back.

3. They don’t ‘need’ a man. They crave love and affection but they will never need a man to complete them. Love will always be a choice to them; not something they’re looking for out of fear of being alone or getting old. They’re content with their own lives and love is a sweet addition not a necessity.

4. They know how to move on. They’ve learned how to move on when they have to. They will never be the ones to beg someone to stay with them or beg for a second chance. They’re confident that they will be fine and that they will find someone better.

5. They don’t allow themselves to be options. Strong women will not tolerate being treated like an option or being part of a bunch of women someone is dating. They appreciate commitment and honesty and anything other than that is a deal breaker for them.

6. They don’t play by the ‘rules.’ In life or in love, don’t expect strong women to follow any dating practices you’re used to or play it safe. They will surprise you by how daring and bold they are and they will never shy away from anything they truly want.

7. They know how to handle rejection. They’re not afraid of the word ‘no,’ they’ve heard it before and they will continue to hear it but that doesn’t stop them from trying, strong women face more rejections because they actually go out and ask for what they want instead of waiting for things to come to them and the more risks they take, the more rejections they’ll face, but these rejections only make them stronger.

8. They ask the hard questions. They will ask the questions men like to evade, they will ask where they stand and where things are going, they will ask to meet your family and friends and be involved in your life. Strong women are passionate and curious in all aspects of their lives and dating is no exception.

9. They’ve been heartbroken before. Even though they act like they’re unbreakable, they’ve fallen in love and gotten heartbroken before, heartbreak only made them wiser but not indifferent. They still have a lot of love to give, they just need to know who is worthy of it and who is just playing with their hearts.

10. They don’t look for validation from others. Strong women look for validation from their success, their work, their friendships and how they lead their lives. They know that the right person will find them when the time is right and they don’t let their relationship status define their worth or define them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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