I’m Sorry To Tell You That Some Things Can Be Replaced


I know you want to believe that some things cannot be replaced, that some things only come around once in a lifetime and that YOU can’t be replaced.

But let me tell you that some things can be replaced and replaced by better things.

It’s easy to replace someone who didn’t give you much to lose.

The connection we had can be replaced by someone who actually wants to keep it, who wants to keep the spark alive, who wants to consistently engage in conversations that turn this spark into fireworks and someone who is not afraid of getting too close. You only liked our connection when it was temporary but you ran away when it started getting intense – when it started getting real.

The fun we had can be replaced by someone who doesn’t get bored easily, someone who only wants to have fun with me instead of trying to have fun with a bunch of other girls so he can keep it exciting. Someone who already knows that having fun with someone who means a lot to you is the only kind of fun that really counts.

The dates we had can be replaced by someone who can’t get enough of them, someone who wants to go to every café, every restaurant and every bar in the city with me. Someone who wants to give our dates time so we can get to know everything there is to know about each other, someone who doesn’t only meet up for an hour when he has time. Someone who frees his time to spend more time with me and doesn’t keep track of time.

Our love can be replaced by someone who actually knows what love is, someone who wants to make it work against all odds, and someone who believes in things like effort, affection and monogamy. Someone who picks quality over quantity, someone who wants to pick only one person and invest in them, someone who only picks me.

The truth is our love can be replaced and I know that for sure but let me tell you this:

The only thing that was really irreplaceable was the love that I had for you, the love I was willing to give you and the love you walked away from.

I know you think that I won’t find someone better or smarter or more accomplished and while that may be true, this is not what matters to me.

I don’t care about your education as long as you know how to treat me, I don’t care about the countries you visited as long as you understand the maps of my heart and the history of my life, I don’t care about all those other beautiful women you dated as long as you see the beauty in and the beauty of my scars and how they shaped me.

I don’t care about how influential you are or how you can get a room to listen as long as you can hear me and listen to me even when I’m not making sense.

To me; this is what’s truly irreplaceable, that kind of love, that kind of loyalty, that kind of depth and that kind of honesty. This is what makes a person irreplaceable because one day you can wake up and society can replace everything you’ve ever been chasing and you will be left with nothing else to give; nothing else to live for.

So let me tell you that some things can be replaced because I know that if I find something irreplaceable, I’ll do my best not to lose it, I will do my best to protect it and I will do my best to keep it close to my heart so it doesn’t run away from me trying to find a better replacement. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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