Congratulations, You Just Won The Game

 Dmitry Ratushny
Dmitry Ratushny

If that’s all you wanted, if that’s all you cared about then congratulations…you just won the game.

You broke down my walls and made me open up to you after years of guarding my own heart and stopping people from getting too close, but you managed to break them down and I fell for you.

You made me think you were different, you made me tell you my secrets and my fears, my plans and my dreams and I looked forward to your opinions and your advice because I believed you cared.

You were so genuine and honest and I didn’t think you would lie — at least to me, this is why I felt safe with you and I looked forward to the next time I would see you. You gave me something wonderful to look forward to.

But then you started to change because you were confident that I liked you, you knew that I was captivated by you and I wasn’t trying to hide it anymore, so you kept reaching only when it was convenient for you and I let you because I didn’t want to lose you. But eventually I had to be true to myself.

You got comfortable because the challenge was over.

And now it’s over because I told you I won’t stick around if I’m not wanted and I thought you wanted me because your words and your actions led me to believe that, but maybe it was all part of the game.

If all you wanted was my attention, you got it.

If all you wanted was a rebound, you had it.

If all you wanted was someone to kill time with when you were bored, I was always there.

If all you wanted was to prove that you can still make anyone fall for you to stroke your own ego, I fell for you.

If all you wanted was someone to listen to you and make you feel good about yourself, you found it.

So congratulations, you won. You got what you wanted and left me with nothing. Are you happy now?

I wonder if you’ll realize that eventually winning turns into losing when you lose people who truly loved you and cared for you, when you realize that people will not always play by your rules and when you realize that you’ve gotten so used to winning that you won’t be able to bounce back if you ever lose.

And sometimes in life, you lose and I’m not sure if you’re prepared to handle loss because you won’t know how to start over.

But let me tell you that winning is fun only when you have someone to share it with and I think you’ll always be a winner until it hits you that no one wants to celebrate with you, and then you will realize that you’ve actually lost a lot more than you’ve won.

So if that’s all you wanted to hear, then congratulations, you won the game! Take a bow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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