All I Really Want From You Is Your Consistency


I want your good morning texts every day, not just when we have plans in the morning. I want to know that I’m the first person you think of as soon as you wake up. I want you to ask about my day and how it’s going and I want you to ask about the details so I can tell you all about it.

I want your weekend plans every weekend, not occasionally, not when you have some free time and not when you have nothing else going on. I want you to purposely include me in your weekends, because weekends mean comfort and I’d like to know that I’m the only one who comforts you.

I want your good night texts every night, not just when you want to make sure I got home safely after a night out. I want to know that I’m the last person on your mind and I want to sleep better knowing that I’m on your mind just as you’re on mine.

I want your attention and not out of insecurity but out of desire. I want to know that you like me just as much as I like you and that you only want to talk to me, that you only want to be with me.

I want your meaningful words and your genuine actions over and over again. I don’t just want them when the time is right, or when we both can’t deny our spark, I want them when we are quiet, when we’re tired, when we’re not feeling great about ourselves, I want them when I need them the most not when I expect to receive them.

I want your constant support. I want your opinions on things that matter to me, I want you to help me make difficult decisions, I want you to celebrate my achievements with me and understand my pain when I tell you about it. I don’t want the support you give all your friends, I want a special kind of support – support just for me. I want to know I’m special to you even in the way you support me.  

I want your unbroken promises and your continuous presence. I want to believe you when you say you’ll call without having to question if you really will, I want you to know that you will respond to my text on time without having to wonder if you’ll ever text back, I want you to be the first one who actually quiets my mind instead of confusing it. I want you to be the first one to protect my heart instead of abandoning it. I want you to be there for me without having to worry if you’ll ever leave. I want to be sure that you want to stay by my side.

I want your consistency more than anything because consistency means I like you enough to keep trying, I’m invested in you and I want you to trust me.

Consistency means I want to build a strong connection with you, I want to create a lasting bond, I want to be part of your daily routine and I want you to know I’m always here for you and you can count on me.

I want you to be consistent more than I want to hear I love you. Because I love you are three words that can be blurted out on the spur of the moment or over shots of tequila, but consistency is sober actions and conscious thoughts.

Consistency is I’m aware of everything I’m saying and everything I’m doing and it’s not going to change overnight. Consistency doesn’t wake up the next morning regretting everything that happened the night before. Consistency means I care about keeping you in my life for the long haul.

So if you ask me what I really want from you –all I really want is your consistencyThought Catalog Logo Mark

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