10 Times You Should Listen To Your Best Friend Instead Of Your Heart


1. When she tells you to change your dress. If your best friend doesn’t approve of your outfit, you should listen to her because she probably knows your closet inside out and knows that you have a ton of other dresses you can wear that you will look better in, but you’re probably just saving it for a special occasion. Trust her on this one and change the dress.

2. When she tells you he’s just not that into you. Believe her. She’s seen the way he looks at you and the way he acts around you and she knows better. You’re probably infatuated or blinded by how much you like him but she is watching him and looking out for you.

3. When she tells you that your new friend is shady. No she’s not just jealous or territorial – she cares. She can tell if the new friend you made cares about you or is just befriending you out of convenience. She’s seen people take advantage of you before and she can spot the warning signs when she sees them.

4. When she tells you to get out of the house. Even if you can’t stand anyone, even if you’re heartbroken, even if you don’t feel like getting out of bed; let her drag you out of the house. You will probably end up having a great time with her and it will be therapeutic.

5. When she tells you you’re being too hard on yourself. No, she is not just being nice, she is being honest. She knows that you can be your own worst enemy and she is here to tell you that you should give yourself some credit instead of beating yourself up.

6. When she tells you that you can’t have any more drinks. Always listen to her when she tells you that because chances are she knows your limit and she doesn’t want to see you throwing up in the corner of the street or texting your ex.

7. When she tells you that you can do it. She knows you and knows what you’re capable of, she believes in you because she sees your true potential. If she tells you to apply for that job or ask for that promotion or take a certain risk, just do it. You will thank her for it later.

8. When she tells you that you’re wrong. Trust her when she tells you that you messed up, that you need to apologize and that you were being unreasonable. Even though she always takes your side, she is also keeping it real with you. Don’t be stubborn when she tells you that you were wrong. She is your reality check.

9. When she tells you that you will be fine. She knows how strong you are and she has seen you overcome a lot of difficulties. No matter how helpless you think you are, she knows that you are not and she won’t let you stay in the darkness for too long.

10. When she tells you that she loves you. Listen to her when she tells you that you deserve to be loved and that you need to love yourself even if you feel so unlovable. Don’t believe your heart when it attacks you and makes you feel worthless, believe your best friend when she tells you you’re beautiful and you are truly loved and admired. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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