10 Struggles Only People Who Feel Older Than They Are Will Understand

Paolo Raeli
Paolo Raeli

1. You don’t get along with most people your age. You prefer hanging out with older people and talking about deeper things – you find it hard to relate to people your age or you end up being the one giving them advice or guiding them.

2. Dating is hard for you. You don’t really find many people who can understand you and you don’t have the patience to deal with casual dating or keep up with the modern dating games people play. You are looking for a genuine connection and a real bond.

3. Your mind is always tired. You are always thinking ahead or over thinking or reading too much into things. You sometimes live in the past or think about the future. You’re questioning life, faith, work, friends and family. You are constantly questioning, evaluating and searching for answers.

4. You sometimes feel like you haven’t ‘lived your life’ the way your friends did. You didn’t really enjoy the young and reckless phase and you’re possibly one of the few people who got over this phase at the drop of a hat but you don’t regret it because you found meaning in other things like books, traveling, nature and learning.

5. You don’t know how to engage in small talk. This is why you can’t host a party. You don’t know how to keep people entertained with small talk. You rely on your friends for that and you step in when it’s time to talk about thing that matter. You love listening to people’s problems and trying to find ways to solve them.

6. You sometimes wish you were born when technology didn’t exist. When things were simple, when our phones didn’t take over our lives, when conversations were real and interactive and when love existed without online dating.

7. You don’t really care about instant gratification. You’re looking for long-term happiness, you’re looking for something that lasts, you want to find work that is meaningful to you even if it doesn’t pay well, you would rather stay single than date ‘casually’ and you are more interested in leaving a legacy than just living in the moment.

8. Your idea of fun is different. You find pleasure in the simple things in life. You stop and smell the flowers, or watch the sunset. You enjoy random walks in the park, grabbing coffee at a small and cozy café, lying in bed with a good book or just having quality time with your friends and family.

9. You’ve been told you are old-fashioned. You like old traditions and manners. You keep a diary or a journal because you like writing with a pen or a pencil, you buy real books instead of reading them online and you don’t follow the fashion trends, your style is simple and predictable.

10. You feel like you’ve lived several lives before. You feel like you’ve lived through wars or were a philosopher in another life, you have theories for everything and you have an incessant desire to make the world a better place. You feel like you understand pain and suffering even if you never actually experienced it, and most of the time it seems like your soul had another home that it keeps longing for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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