We Didn’t Just Have A Spark, We Had Fireworks

iStockPhoto.com / wundervisuals
iStockPhoto.com / wundervisuals

We didn’t just talk, we had heated conversations, passionate arguments and powerful opinions. Our words penetrated our souls and shuddered our hearts. Our days were brighter than the sun and our nights were the most romantic thing the moon has ever seen.

Our memories already make the future long for the past and our love already puts all other lovers to shame.

We didn’t just love each other quietly when no one was looking, we loved each other loudly for the whole world to see. We walked hand in hand and left arm in arm. We were entangled in each other’s bodies and each other’s hearts. We were inseparable; even when they tried to separate us, we were inseparable.

We wrote our names in the sand and we told our secrets to the stars and they swore they’ve never seen two people shine so brightly together. We stole the show from the galaxies and we gave the world a love to remember. And together we wrote an unforgettable story – a story that people will talk about for years to come and a story that will live within the hearts of all true lovers long after we’re gone. We wrote a story that has no ending.

We didn’t just exist, we lived. We lived every single moment of our lives. We lived through our pain and I felt your pain as if it was mine and you felt my pain as if it was yours and this is how we healed each other. We lived through the good times, you were my utopia and I was your paradise and this why our love always felt like a dream. A dream that even dreamers think is unbelievable.

We fell in love with each other a thousand times more when we were gone than we were together. We felt that emptiness that came with our absence and the void that filled us without the rush of our embrace. We fell in love with each other when we were not even trying, it’s like the universe manifested all its love stories into us – our love was magical – our love made the angels jealous. Our love was infinite.

We didn’t just love, we adored, we admired and we worshiped each other. You would walk through the fire just to be with me and I would climb the highest mountains just to reach you and no matter what we did or where we went – we were on top of the world.

We had it all and it was beautiful – too beautiful to be real because sometimes beautiful things destroy themselves to be normal, to feel like they belong and to fit in with everyone else.

Sometimes beautiful things would do anything to believe that they are not beautiful and sometimes beautiful things turn ugly.

We didn’t just have a spark, we had fireworks, but this is why we exploded.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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