To The Boy Who Let My Best Friend Go


I’d love to see you in a few years when you are standing there watching how happy she is with someone else and you get that hint of sadness and regret in your heart that you let someone amazing go. You let go of someone who was ready to give you her world. You let go of someone who would’ve never let go of you.

As I listened to her cry over you, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of person you really are. What kind of man do you really want to be? Do you find joy in leading women on? Do you find joy in making women fall in love with you then run away before you can catch them?

Regardless of what kind of man you are, let me tell you what kind of woman you let go of.

You let go of a woman who knew from the day she met you that she wanted to do nothing but love you, and love you with all her heart. Someone who told the whole world that she is in love with a wonderful man. Someone who told the world that she will not even look at any other man because all she sees is you. Someone who was ready to give up her world for you.

You let go of a woman who saw greatness in you even when you couldn’t see it in yourself. Someone who believed in you more than she believed in herself. Someone who was willing to stand by you through thick and thin and patiently wait for you as you figure out your life, your career and yourself.

You let go of a woman who once said to me that you are all she ever wished for, she once believed you are the answer to all her prayers. You let go of someone who believed that you were her destiny, you let go of someone who had unwavering faith in you. I wonder if you saw how happy she was with you and how the smile never left her face. I wonder if you have any heart at all to willingly take that smile away.

You let go of a woman who fought for you. She fought with her friends when they doubted you, she fought with her parents when they asked if you were serious about her, and she fought her own thoughts when they warned her about you. She fought for you over and over again. I wonder if you knew how hard she fought for you and how every time she would fight for you; she would lose some of her own strength. I wonder if you ever ask yourself if you were even worth that fight.

I say ‘boy’ because this is exactly what you are. You’re a boy who took the love of an amazing girl for granted, you were selfish, immature and insecure and she made you love yourself. You loved how she made you feel, you kept giving her small doses of love to keep her going until you felt good about yourself again and no longer needed her attention.

You’re a boy for not being honest about your intentions and your future plans. You’re a boy for making someone tear down their walls only to build your own walls higher. You’re a boy for making someone open up to you only to close yourself off. You’re a boy for promising love to someone only to break their heart.

I would like to tell you that I’m not worried about her, she will be fine a lot sooner than you think. She’s got friends who will stand by her and make her forget you even existed. That’s how much she is loved and that’s how much you should’ve loved her. It’s you who I’m worried about; I’m worried about the kind of man you’re becoming, I’m worried about the women that you will keep dragging along on your roller coaster. I’m worried about the friends you will start losing as you continue down that selfish path. I’m worried about the hearts that you will keep on breaking in an attempt to fix yours.

I’m worried about you but not because I care about you – not at all. I’m worried about you because amazing women like my best friend believe in boys like you and they end up getting heartbroken. I’m worried about the number of best friends who will want to write you the same letter one day. I hope you realize that women are not toys. I hope you realize that if you don’t know how to give love then you should stop looking for it. I know one day you will regret letting her go, and if you don’t, I hope you realize that you only paved the way for someone much better to come into her life. You taught her how to look for a man – not another boy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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