This Is Why Guys Still Text You Even If They Are Not Interested


Some men pull the plug right away, others disappear slowly and others tend to keep the communication going even though they are not that into you – or are they? I asked some of my guy friends and I found out about eight common reasons why guys continue to text girls they are not that interested in.

1. They feel ‘bad.’ Some men feel bad about letting a woman down or think it’s just rude to tell a woman they don’t want to talk to her anymore. Some of them don’t even know how to let a woman down so they continue to respond with less enthusiasm until the woman gets the hint or loses interest altogether.

2. They want to remain friends. Some men want to stay friends with certain women they dated and that is why they never completely cut off all communication – it could be because they had great conversations or they connected in a different way. Men would still text women they want to be friends with without being too flirty.

3. They’re confused. Some men are not sure about their feelings either; so they buy themselves some time until they’re sure. They continue to text to show a level of interest but not too much because they know they can’t promise anything at that moment.

4. They want a fling. Sometimes all they want is to have fun for a few months when they’re not ‘looking for anything serious,’ so they continue to hang out and text women they wouldn’t necessarily date long-term but they are good enough for the season.

5. They’re in a transitional phase. In this case; a man could actually be interested in a woman but because he is either moving out of town or going back to school or some other commitment on his priority list, he will not pursue a relationship but he won’t disappear either.

6. They just got out of a relationship. A man could still have feelings for his ex or not entirely over her and this is why he doesn’t want to dive right back into the dating pool but he also doesn’t want a rebound, so he wants to take things ‘slow’ until he can be in a better emotional state to date again.

7. They don’t want to be alone. Some men just can’t be alone, they want to have several women lined up when they get lonely. They want to have ‘options’ when they’re bored.

8. They’re players. Or just natural flirts – some guys really don’t mean anything they say and this is just how they talk to all women. They’re always complimenting them and telling them what they want to hear without any deeper meaning behind their words. Some men are more charming and charismatic than others and that’s why they know they can get away with flirting with no strings attached.

There are plenty of reason why men text women they’re not that interested in, however if you’re still unsure the best way is to ask in an amicable way sooner than later. Men don’t get attached as quickly as women do and they don’t over analyze as much as women do, that’s why sometimes we have to ask the difficult questions because we are the ones looking for the difficult answers. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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