Some People Will Only Love You When You Stop Loving Them

Natalie Allen
Natalie Allen

Some people won’t appreciate you until you’re gone. When you no longer provide them with the support they took for granted, when you no longer send the sweet messages they ignored, when you no longer welcome them with open arms every time they knock on your door in the middle of the night and when you no longer wait by the phone for their call.

Some people won’t realize how much you loved them until they find nobody else who can love them just as much. When they can’t find someone who loves everything they’re ashamed of, who looks at them like they’re the only thing they’ve been wishing for or someone who makes them feel like they’re home – safe and protected from all the chaos and noise of the world.

Some people will only try to get your attention once you stop giving them yours. When you stop being their biggest fan, when you stop liking all their posts, when you stop calling them in the middle of the day to say how much you love them, when you stop buying them things they mentioned they wanted in a random conversation and when you stop dropping everything to be there for them when they need you.

Some people will only try to win you back after they lose you. When they remember that you have options, when they remember that someone out there will treat you better, when they remember that you’re not going to accept being an option forever, when they remember how selfish they were the whole time and how they never made you feel like you matter.

Some people will only miss you when you forget them. When you forget to call on their birthday, when you forget their favorite song, when you forget their secrets and when you throw away their memories. When you forget the way they made you feel.

Some people will only respect you when you walk away. When they realize that you compromised yourself for them, when they remember the number of times you went out of your way to please them, when they recognize that you’ve forgiven them time and time again, and when it hits them that you walked away because you’ve had enough – because they confused your patience and understanding with weakness, and confused your vulnerability with passivity.

Some people will only love you when you stop loving them. When you no longer miss the touch of their hand or the sound of their voice. When they can see that you’ve changed and you don’t look at them the same way you used to. When you no longer think about them before you sleep or drive by their house to make sure that they’re okay. When they are finally ready to open their hearts to you after they broke yours into pieces. Some people will never get a chance to love you again because your heart will belong to the one who doesn’t need to lose you to learn how to keep you.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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