Now You’re Just A Stranger With All My Secrets

It’s sad yet ironic that you’re a stranger now but you know all my secrets. You have the keys to my heart and soul yet you can’t get in. You are holding my secrets but you can’t hold my hand.

You’re a stranger who knows what keeps me up at night and what I’m terrified of. You’re a stranger who once calmed my storms and made me feel safe.

You know my demons and you tried to fight them with me, you know my darkness and you used to guide me to find the light. You’re a stranger who saw my dark side and told me that it makes me even more beautiful.

You know my deepest secrets and you promised not to hold them against me. You know the things that I couldn’t tell anyone else and you know the lies I told everyone else. You’re a stranger I once trusted with my life.

You know who my best friends are and who is secretly my favorite. You know who I count on the most and you know who I talk to when I don’t feel like talking to anyone else. You warned me about some of them and you told me to fight for some of them and I always listened to you. You’re a stranger who was once my best friend too.

You’re a stranger who I once talked to about other strangers.

You know my dreams and how I plan to achieve them, you know what I truly want and what makes me happy, you know how I plan to change the world and what I really want to be known for. You’re a stranger who was once a dream come true.

You know my words and my silence and you understand my ramblings. You’ve read my journals and my diaries and you’ve read all my letters and you still have the letters I wrote to you. You’re a stranger I once wrote about – you’re a stranger I still write about.

You’re a stranger I saw a future with, you’re a stranger I was willing to love with all my heart, you’re a stranger with memories that will remain engraved in my heart and you’re a stranger who I once talked to about other strangers.

You’re a stranger who knows exactly what I’ll do to get over you and how I will pretend to be fine when I see you but when I go home I will cry myself to sleep. You’re a stranger who knows where I escape to heal myself because you were once my sweet escape and you once healed me.

Now you’re a stranger who I have to pretend never moved me, that your touch never mended my broken heart, that your words never soothed my wounded soul, that your  smile never brightened up my day, that your strength never lifted me up when I was down, that your eyes never made me forget all my worries and that your presence in my life never saved mine.

You’re now a stranger who I once believed will never be – who promised he will never be. You’re now a stranger who said he was different but then turned out to be like everyone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Rania Naim

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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