I Guess I’m Not For Everyone

istockphoto.com / Stefano Tinti
istockphoto.com / Stefano Tinti

I’m not for the insincere. The ones who say I love you and then go to prove how they don’t. The ones who don’t speak from the heart, the ones who always know what to say, the ones who can’t be real. I’m not for the ones who only like you when it’s convenient for them.

I’m not for the liars. The ones who lie to get into your heart and lie to get into your bed. The ones who tell you you’re beautiful when they don’t know what makes you beautiful, the ones who tell you they’ll always be there but can’t answer your calls. I’m not for the ones who don’t mean what they say.

I’m not for the game players. The ones who are always seeking your attention in foolish ways. The ones who want to provoke you more than love you. The ones who are concerned with having the upper hand more than touching your hand. The ones who think they can get anyone they want instead of appreciating the one they’ve got. I’m not for the ones who only care about winning.

I’m not for the materialistic. The ones who want you because of your education or your job. The ones who want the status and the recognition. The ones who like you on paper but not on the dinner table. The ones who see you as a package instead of a soul. I’m not for the ones who only want you to impress people.

I’m not for the heart breakers. The ones who sweep you off your feet then break you into pieces. The ones who want to be eternally single and just want to find someone to kill time with. The ones who act like they are listening to you but their minds are thinking about themselves. I’m not for those who can’t share their hearts with someone else.

I’m not for the cold hearted. The ones who don’t feel things deeply. The ones who are indifferent about love and the world. The ones who label people too deep or too sensitive. The ones who can’t feel things that burn, the ones who can’t see the fire within your soul and the ones who can’t understand the tears in your eyes. I’m not for the ones who don’t know what it feels like to be broken.

I’m not for the frightened. The ones who are too afraid to fall in love or too afraid to talk about their feelings. The ones who are too scared of being vulnerable or too scared of letting people in. The ones who will never let you get past a certain point, the ones who will keep building more walls when you try to break in. I’m not for those who can’t risk their hearts every once in a while.

I think I’m for those who are curious about people, those who want to analyze your words and your body language. The ones who want to read your eyes and speak to your soul. The ones who want to know your secrets, the ones who ask too many questions, the ones who don’t care about what you do for a living or where you are from. The ones who want to talk about weird dreams and bizarre fantasies. The ones who like to laugh as much as they like to cry, the ones who get lost and confused but still find a way to make it home.

I think I’m for the ones who keep loving no matter how many times they’ve been broken, the ones who keep looking no matter how many times they got lost, the ones who never lost their spark when their world turned grey and the ones who make me believe in something – the ones who make me feel alive.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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