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40 Signs You’re Slowly But Surely Turning Into Your Mother

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Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

1. You make sure your purse is fully equipped with ‘things’ you may or may not need but you take it with you just in case.

2. You have to start your day with vitamins.

3. You start complaining about things; the music is too loud, the food is not cooked well, the room is not clean enough…etc

4. You start talking to strangers about how hard life is.

5. You ask random people if they are lost, cold, need help or any other ‘motherly’ thing you can offer.

6. You make sure you take an extra sweater with you in case it gets cold.

7. You can’t sleep without making sure your friends or your boyfriend got home safe.

8. Plans after 9 PM are considered ‘too late’ for you.

9. You have to write down things so you don’t forget them.

10. When your friends come over, you bring them food even if they’re not hungry.

11. You can’t keep up with all the names of the young actors and musicians and you get them wrong every time.

12. You catch yourself giving people the same advice she gave you.

13. You use phrases like ‘be careful’, ‘don’t do anything too crazy’ and ‘Lord have mercy.’

14. You start getting emotional watching TV shows and movies and your favorite genre is drama.

15. You use sunscreen religiously and you ask your friends to use it too.

16. You yell at people driving too fast.

17. You have to google abbreviations and acronyms.

18. You love canceled plans because that means you can stay home and go to bed early.

19. You have uttered the words ‘I’m too old for this.’

20. You start rejecting new and complicated technologies.

21. You have a love-hate relationship with heels – that is more inclined towards hate.

22. You agree with moms who discipline their children.

23. You secretly start living life in terms of ‘what would mom do?’

24. You get way too excited about sales and coupons.

25. You forgot all the phone numbers you knew by heart.

26. Grocery shopping makes your heart skip a beat.

27. You don’t care about being ‘stylish’ anymore. You just want to be comfortable.

28. Your go-to drink is wine.

29. You say ‘I told you so.’

30. You start taking your 401k  and saving plans seriously.

31. You actually read health insurance policies.

32. You sleep watching CNN and you’re determined to keep up with the world news.

33. You are more attracted to men who have a stable life and can make good husbands.

34. You start saving expensive clothes for special occasions.

35. You bake things and send Thank You cards.

36. You are starting to appreciate classic movies and soulful songs.

37. You secretly love watching the cooking channel. Rachel Ray is your idol.

38. You sympathize with everyone.

39. You give out free hugs to people.

40. You and your mom are actually friends now because you started agreeing on almost everything. TC mark

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  • sparkyjen

    I got a few chuckles from this post. Good read!

    My beloved foster mother has long since died. She now lives for me in my heart.

    I feel so blessed to look down at my hands, nails, rings, and realize how I admired hers. They were always so lovely.

    I have a stuffed purse, just like she did. She called it, “the kitchen sink.”

    I quote and live touting sayings she drilled into my head, and I now repeat to others.

    I am so blessed to be like HER in any way, nay; in every way possible.

    Nice post!

  • sophieellis

    Haha nice post!

  • Cara

    I used to make fun of my mother because her purse was (and still is) so goddamn heavy. She doesn’t need the bloomingdales receipts from 1989 that she carries everywhere, nor the inch-thick stack of coupons.

    Well my purse has become just as heavy. Wallet full of useless charge cards, makeup, phone charger, makeup case, contact lens case, hand sanitizer, cigarettes & lighters, hairbrush, phone, hair tie, antacids (yes, I’ve reached the “fried shit gives me heartburn but I can’t leave it alone” age), sunglasses, a mint, some old lint. My fucking shoulder hurts from hauling my purse around, I swore I wouldn’t be like her and I’m just like her.

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