25 Important Reminders You Need To Hear When Your Heart Is Breaking

istockphoto.com / ByeByeTokyo
istockphoto.com / ByeByeTokyo

1. Your heart won’t stay broken forever. You will meet people who will slowly heal it again; new friends, new lovers or new family members.

2. Don’t blame yourself for loving too much or giving too much. It was how you truly felt and it is how you love. You shouldn’t be ashamed of the way you love.

3. Sometimes we hold on to people who are wrong for us, we may not know it right away but eventually we understand why it was for the better.

4. A broken heart makes you a stronger and a wiser person. Pain changes people.

5. A broken heart teaches you how to be compassionate with others and with yourself.

6. You may not get the closure you wanted but this is also some kind of closure. We sometimes have to close doors without ever looking back.

7. A broken heart will put up walls for those who might want to break it in the future, sometimes a broken heart saves you from even more heartbreak.

8. You will always get over the people you thought you wouldn’t.

9. Anything that feels forced or harder than it should be or causes you pain and distress is not meant for you. Things that are meant for you have a way of flowing smoothly into your life. The more you fight for something that is not meant for you, the more it will fight you.

10. Every goodbye comes with a better hello; every ending has a better beginning. It’s a transitional phase for you as a person to focus on something other than someone else. This is when you truly change from within and change your life.

11. It’s better to be alone than with someone who doesn’t appreciate you or someone who makes you believe that loving you is hard.

12. Just because someone rejected you doesn’t mean everyone will. Sometimes good things are taken away from us so we can find better things.

13. If you have good friends, they will get you through the hardest of heartbreaks.

14. Losing someone that meant a lot to you will enlighten you to replace this loss with something more fulfilling and more meaningful.

15. A broken heart inspires you to do things you are passionate about or tap into your creativity. Sometimes pain transforms us into artists.

16. A broken heart teaches you to embrace being alone and loneliness teaches you how to survive.

17. Even if you miss them, doesn’t mean they were right for you or you should want them back.

18. Remember why you broke up every time you think about them. It will help you resist the urge to call or text them.

19. If you don’t want to stay friends, don’t. Real friends don’t walk away from each other.

20. You will laugh again and you will love again. Pain is temporary.

21. A broken heart is a gift that builds character and helps you reconnect with yourself.

22. A broken heart is a reminder that you fought through some of the worst days in your life and survived.

23. There is nothing that time and space won’t heal.

24. Every day you will think about them a little less until you no longer think about them.

25. Someone will come into your life and remind you exactly why it wasn’t meant to be with the person who broke your heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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