For The Man Who Is Teaching Me How To Love Again themacx themacx

You’re slowly teaching me how a simple text message during the day can turn the day around, and how a genuine interest in my day and how it’s going makes me want to make the best of it.

You’re slowly showing me how a simple cheesy song can put a huge smile on my face just because it reminds me of you and how we made fun of the lyrics. It makes me want to listen to it on repeat.

You’re slowly reminding me what it feels like to be appreciated, to be truly listened to and finally understood. It makes me want to tell you stories I promised never to tell anyone.

You’re slowly making me feel safe with you. I don’t flinch when you touch me. It makes me want to surrender my body to you.

You’re slowly tearing down my walls by reading me with your eyes and making sense of my senseless words. Something tells me you’re not going anywhere and it makes me want to let you see right through me.

You’re slowly reassuring me that you are not like the other ones. You don’t fill me with empty promises and empty words. You mean what you say and you always keep your word. You don’t give me a chance to doubt you or second guess you. You put my restless mind at rest.

You’re slowly teaching me how to be fearless again; fearless in being myself, fearless in telling you how I feel, and fearless in loving you. Even though I’m terrified, you make me want to be fearless.

You’re slowly accepting my flaws. You said my ‘flaws were flawless,’ and I realized I like myself more when I’m with you.

You’re slowly showing me how a mundane walk in the park can be beautiful with you. And ordinary conversations can be extraordinary with you. You’re making simple moments special, and you’re making me feel special.

I think you’re slowly reminding me how to be loved, and what love really looks like and I think I am slowly falling in love with youThought Catalog Logo Mark

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