35 Questions I Would Ask You If We Ever Meet Again

Joel Sossa
Joel Sossa

1. Are you happy?

2. Do you know why things ended the way they did?

3. Are you different now?

4. Did you ever love the same way again?

5. Are you settling?

6. Do you still think about the possibility of us?

7. Do you still ask your friends if this was the right decision?

8. When did you realize that ‘we’ just don’t make sense anymore?

9. Did you mean what you said?

10. Do you regret it?

11. Did you ever truly love me?

12. Did you ever truly love yourself?

13. Did you push me away on purpose?

14. Was I too much to handle?

15. What’s the one thing you miss the most about us?

16. Do you think if the timing was different, we would’ve made it?

17. What comes to your mind when you hear my name?

18. Does your mom still ask about me?

19. How much have I changed now?

20. Do you ever wish we tried harder?

21. Do you forgive me?

22. Do you wonder if I forgave you?

23. Do you still think of me when you listen to our song or do you skip it?

24. Will you tell her why we broke up?

25. What is the one thing you really wish you could tell me?

26. What took you so long to say it?

27. Do you sometimes wish we were still together?

28. Can we really be friends?

29. Was it hard for you to move on?

30. Will you come to my wedding if I invited you?

31. How long were you willing to wait for me?

32. Was it me or was it you?

33. Do you think we’ll ever feel this way again?

34. Did you want to ask me these questions too?

35. Would you do it all over again?  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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