25 Struggles Only People Who Are Terrible At Lying Understand

Abigail Keenan
Abigail Keenan

1. Your reach your awkwardness peak when you have to tell a lie. You either smile too much, or stutter so hard. Your words probably don’t make sense and your facial expressions do not match your lie.

2. You hate being asked to cover up for someone. You don’t know if you should run away from this chore or be a good friend and risk looking like a fool.

3. You practice your lies in front of the mirror. If you have to lie, you will rehearse it over and over again until you get it right – and then you realize that you are also a terrible actor.

4. Your voice changes. The tone of your voice changes depending on the lie; either too high pitched and squeaky or too low that you can barely hear it.

5. If someone thinks you’re bluffing you will just nervously laugh instead of backing your lie up.

6. If your friend is lying to someone, you try to avoid eye contact with that person because your face will give it all away.

7. Making eye contact with someone while you’re lying becomes a mix of creepy staring and rapid blinking.

8. You consult your friends before lying to someone to see if your lie makes sense (it usually doesn’t.)

9. You still can’t lie to your parents when they ask you about your sibling’s odd behavior.

10. Liking someone and trying to hide it is the ultimate ‘epic fail.’ You can’t play hard to get or play it cool.

11. You can’t conceal your intentions because at some point you will just declare them loud and clear.

12. Your friends need to remind you to keep your mouth shut about upcoming surprises.

13. Drinking means confessing to every single lie you’ve ever told and apologizing for it.

14. You dread being asked what you think of something or someone you don’t like because that often means saying stupid things that don’t add up.

15. You feel guilty all the time for lying; even if it is a white lie.

16. You will never be ‘politically correct’…ever.

17. You’ve lied then accidentally told the truth plenty of times before.

18. You can’t use a fake name, a fake ID or fake anything because you know your awkward behavior will not let you get away with it.

19. Sometimes you wish you were a little more ‘mysterious’ or ‘vague.’

20. If you don’t like your boss’s idea, you’re literally screwed.

21. Your boss probably knows if you don’t like him/her even when you try your hardest to be nice.

22. You probably can’t keep things to yourself and you end up oversharing.

23. If you manage to get away with a lie, you feel like the happiest and smartest person in the room.

24. You’ve been told you’re a terrible liar and you should stop trying.

25. But that’s what makes you special because at the end of the day you’re the one everyone goes to for honest opinions or advice and people trust you more for your honesty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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