14 Signs You Think With Your Heart Not Your Head

Connor Wells

If you’ve been told you think with your heart, it means you make decisions and behave based on how you’re feeling rather than what may be rational. It also means that your heart dictates your life in most occasions. Here are 14 other signs you are someone who thinks with their heart.

1. You wear your heart on your sleeve. You tend to show your emotions easily and even when you are trying to hide what you are truly feeling, your eyes will give it all away eventually.

2. You blurt out more than you should. You pour your heart out when you’re having a conversation, it’s how you bond with people. You prefer conversations that are deep, honest and meaningful even if it means revealing more than what people asked for.

3. You need a lot of time before making a decision. It’s easy to make a decision based on logic but making one based on fleeting emotions and feelings can take a totally different direction. You take your time to understand how you feel about something. But once you do, you know in your heart that it was the right choice – at least for you.

4. You get angry when you see dishonesty and injustice. You are always trying to make the world a better place and it deeply saddens you when you see that other people are suffering because of someone else’s wrongdoings.

5. You easily absorb the energy of those around you. You don’t know how to isolate yourself from the energy around you. You take it all in – more than you should because you are more attuned to emotions. Which can be a downfall if you don’t look out for yourself and stop yielding to the energy of others.

6. You dream big. If you think with your heart, that means you’re both passionate and empathetic, this is why you have big dreams and want to touch the hearts of millions of people or change the world one day. You know that your heart will pave the way for you to do great things and you are constantly thinking of how you can put it to good use.

7. ‘I feel like…’ is your favorite sentence. Forget ‘I think that,’ it’s all about how you feel and what triggers those feelings. Even when you are trying to solve a mathematical equation, you will always go with the answer that feels right.

8. You are a good friend. Because you are highly intuitive and care about your friends, you are usually the person they go to when they really need to talk to someone or need support. They know that you will always make time for them and listen to them with all your heart.

9. You are spiritual. You love nature and exploring the beauty of the world. You pay attention to the sounds of nature and you like to just daydream and contemplate for hours by yourself. You are totally fine with spending time alone to invigorate your heart.

10. You are highly creative or artistic. You have a knack for art and appreciate the delicacies of it. You feel the passion that was behind a specific project and you relate to it so much more. You are either an artist or you have great potential to be one.

11. You are dynamic. Because you can experience several emotions throughout the day, you are versatile and can find yourself getting involved in projects that are very different or hanging out with people who are polar opposites. But this what makes you an interesting individual, you are unpredictable – even to yourself.

12. You feel like an old soul. Sometimes you look around and feel like you were born in the wrong era, you crave an era when life was simple and people were honest, or you crave the innocence of childhood when you only thought with your heart. Many times you feel like you don’t belong to this generation.

13. You have a love-hate relationship with your brain. You love it because it gives you the reality check you need and you hate it because it holds you back from being who you really are. You still haven’t figured out a way to co-exist and you don’t know if you ever will. Until then, your heart will always take over.

14. You will never give up on love. No matter how many times your heart has been broken, no matter how many people disappointed you, no matter how many people told you to use your brain instead, you will always love wholeheartedly and think with your heart, even if it means hurting yourself, but you know that your heart is the force that keeps you going and it won’t let you have it any other way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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