10 Signs He ​Actually​ Is Ready For A Relationship, But Not With YOU

Unsplash Evan Kirby
Unsplash Evan Kirby

Some men are really not ready for a relationship and some men use that as an excuse to gently let a woman down. You can always tell if the man is not ready for any relationship, or if he is just not ready for a relationship with you. It might be hard to absorb this idea at first, but it is the truth. Here are 10 signs he is ready to be with someone, but not with you.

1. He made the effort to pursue you in the beginning but then he stopped. If he pursued you and was trying to impress you, it means he was really interested in you and wanted to get to know you to see if he could be in a relationship with you. If all of a sudden he backed off without a good reason, he either lost interest or realized that you two weren’t compatible.

2. He likes to hang out with his friends more than you. It means he is not that busy and has time to go out and see you or be in a relationship, but he is clearly choosing to spend his time with someone other than you.

3. He is a good friend but he doesn’t show you that side of him. If he is a popular guy and his friends love him, it means that he is probably a good person. If he is not demonstrating those qualities to you, then he is not trying to win you over or show you how great he really is.

4. He is a curious person but he doesn’t try to know more about you. If he is curious by nature or curious about the world, it means he will follow his curiosity blindly, if he really wanted to know something or someone. If he is not curious about you, then you didn’t intrigue him enough.

5. He goes after what he wants but he is not going after you. If he is successful and smart, then he probably knows how to get what he wants. It also means he is in a good state to be with someone else, so if he is not putting that kind of effort with you, then he’s not valuing you as strongly as he needs to, to make it work.

6. He doesn’t look at you that way. You don’t see it in his eyes. Eyes are the window to a man’s heart and the one thing men really don’t have control over. So if you don’t see it in his eyes or he looks at you the way he looks at any other girl then that is a warning sign that his eyes are wandering in another direction.

7. He’s always there for his family and friends but not you. It means he is a stand up guy and knows what needs to be done in tough situations. If he is not doing the same with you, he is choosing to be absent from your life.

8. He’s been in long-term relationships before. If he’s been in long-term relationships before, it means he knows how to commit to someone but he is waiting for the right person. Even if he’s been hurt before, it doesn’t mean that he has commitment issues or gave up on love. He is simply waiting for the right person.

9. He is not a player or a womanizer. If he is not a player, he probably wants to settle down. So if he is not trying to develop or build a connection with you, it’s a sign he doesn’t think you are right for him or maybe he doesn’t think he is right for you.

10. His friends say he is ready. The last and most obvious sign is what his friends say. If his closest friends are saying he is ready or he is looking for someone to settle down with – believe them. They know what they’re talking about. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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