10 Reasons Why Your College Friends Will Always Have A Special Place In Your Heart


1. They’ve seen you at your absolute worst. When you were stressed out before your finals, or working day and night on your thesis. They’ve seen your mood swings, your rants and your melt downs and they totally understood where it was coming from.

2. They witnessed your dating nightmares. All of them – on or off campus. College is the hub of all dating mistakes and lessons and your college friends have seen all the stages of dating you went through one after the other.

3. They were there for you. They helped you make it through the tough times, they would take notes for you if you were sick, and they would have a slumber party just for you if you were down. They were there for the highs and the lows and they were always there when you truly needed them.

4. They learned not to judge you. They understood your quirks and accepted it. Too bossy in group projects? Too lazy to even participate? You joke too much while studying? They’ve learned to accept you for who you are and love you for it.

5. They shared countless memories with you. They were part of every crazy college story you had and you have stories together for life. They know too much and they’ve seen too much. Your college friends will always be your ultimate partners in crime.

6. Meeting up with them is always delightful. Your time with them is still the best. Stories get funnier as you get older and you still remember all the details like it was yesterday. You remind each other of the things you used to do, the people you used to date and how the hell you guys made it through finals. It’s always full of both laughter and embarrassment.

7. They understand you better than anyone. They were the closest ones to you when you were really growing up and trying to be an adult. You were all finding yourselves together. You shared the same phase and you went through the same changes. So you understand each other’s struggles and know how to comfort each other.

8. They are your biggest fans. They know your real dreams – you’ve talked about it together and talked about where you all want to be in ten years, so when you finally achieve what you’ve been dreaming of, they cheer you on like they did in your thesis presentation. They know how hard you worked for it and how badly you wanted it.

9. They are the reason behind the best days of your life. They will always be the main reason why you enjoyed college and why you miss it. You miss seeing them every day and talking to them for hours, you miss making fun of each other, you miss trying to give each other horrible advice and you miss how they always managed to make you laugh no matter how stressed you were.

10. They will always be in your life because you chose them. You weren’t forced to sit next to them in class, you weren’t forced to work with them on projects, and you weren’t forced to travel with them. You chose them – every step of the way. No matter how many friends you make, your college friends will always hold a special place in your heartThought Catalog Logo Mark

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