Types of Friends Every Girl Needs

10 Different Types Of Friends Every Girl Needs In Her Life

1. The childhood bestie.

She’s your person, your best friend and your sister. She knows too much about you ever since you were 10. She is the one who has been through thick and thin with you and will always be in your life. She is your soul sister.

2. The crazy one.

The one who is up for anything. She is the one who pushes you to do unusual things and break the rules. She is the one you call when you are indecisive about making a bad decision because you know she will encourage you to go ahead and do it. She is the one you always have fun with no matter what’s going on in your life.

3. The mother.

She is the one who takes care of you and all her other friends. She makes sure she has everything you can think of in her purse; in case of emergency. She always has an extra charger, a Band-Aid, Airborne, and anything you might need. She is your parent’s favorite because she keeps you out of trouble.

4. The brutally honest one.

She is the one who tells it like it is–no sugar coating whatsoever. She is the one who will tell you the guy you like is a douche, or you are a douche or whatever comes to her mind. She is your reality check.

5. The dating expert.

AKA Samantha from SATC. She’s dated the entire universe and is the source of all your dating tips and tricks. She has dated all sorts of guys and knows how to spot a liar, a cheater, a player or a keeper. She is your ideal wing woman.

6. The hustler.

She is the one who knows how to make things happen. She is killing at work, at the gym, or at the groceries. She knows all the shortcuts, all the sales and all the events that are happening that no one knows about. She is the one who is always traveling and meeting prominent people. She is definitely the one you go to talk about your dreams because she will connect you with all the right people or get you an upgrade practically anywhere.

7. The funny one.

The one with all the jokes and the stories; she never runs out of stories that crack everyone up. She is also the sarcastic one who will make fun of your boyfriend, your clothes, your new friend, your car and anything that she feels like mocking. She is one you chill with even if you don’t feel like being around people.

8. Your favorite coworker.

She is your work bestie. You go to lunch together, you are always chatting on the company’s messenger, you bitch about your bosses together, and you have explored every single happy hour spot in the city. You know that she will be your friend for life even if you get a new job.

9. The long lost-twin.

The one you met recently but clicked with right away. You keep discovering how much you two have in common and your relationship is just a bunch of high-fives and ME TOOs. She is one you feel like you’ve known forever and you can easily understand each other really since you two are essentially the same person.

10. The dude.

Your boy. Your sidekick. Your wing man. He is your best guy friend who decided to accept and love you unconditionally. He is your go to person when you are in trouble, when you want to have a good time, when you need guy advice or when you simply can’t keep with all the ‘girls’ drama. He plays a very important role in your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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