What If Hearts Were Made To Be Broken?

 Twenty20 burnningbridges
Twenty20 burnningbridges

We often think of the pain that comes with heartbreak; the agony, the tears and the darkness that blinds us. We think of how it changes us, how it takes away the purest and most innocent parts of us. We think of all the days and nights we spent promising ourselves not to ever feel like this again or be that vulnerable again but then we find ourselves willingly walking through the fire once more, burning with every step we take.

We don’t realize that we also break some hearts, and we inflict the same pain we are trying to avoid on others. We wreck people who only wanted to love us and we love people who only wanted to wreck us.

If you could go back and change your heartbreak, would you? And if you did, would that change make your life better? Will it make you happier? Or would that change conceal the scars that you pride yourself on? The scars that give you extra strokes of beauty.

If you knew for sure, the moment you were born that your heart was made to be broken, would you still suffer when it breaks?

Without heartbreak, there is no struggle, and struggle makes us fight for our lives.

Without heartbreak, there are no lessons, and lessons teach us how to live.

Without heartbreak, there is no growth, and growth allows us to guide ourselves and others.

Without heartbreak, there are no questions, and questions open up our minds.

Without heartbreak, there is no faith, and faith gives us hope when there is none.

Without heartbreak, there are no tears, and tears wash away the pain.

Without heartbreak, there is no suffering, and suffering introduces us to compassion.

Without heartbreak, there is no darkness, and darkness leads us to light.

Without heartbreak, there is no healing, and healing re-awakens our love.

Without heartbreak, there is no change, and change renews the way we see the world.

What if we glorified heartbreak? What if heartbreak was more like a minor bruise? Would we still take it so personally? Would we still struggle to heal or get out of bed? What if heartbreak was an optical illusion we keep misinterpreting?

Maybe our hearts were made to broken, maybe our hearts know that they can take more pain than we give them credit for. Maybe Rumi was right when he said “You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.” Maybe breaking our hearts is the only way to open them. And maybe after all these heartbreaks, love will finally find its way in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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