Inside The World Of Players (As Told By Some Of Today’s Best Players)

 Twenty20 tdurkee
Twenty20 tdurkee

Ladies, when you hear the word player, what comes to mind? The man texting a different girl each hour? Mr. Suave who _______? Have you ever wondered about if they were they born this way? Is it genetic? Did they inherit this personality from their cool dads? Were they heartbroken and decided to let their heartbreak dictate how they treat women? We may never fully know the answers but haven’t you ever wondered What really makes a player a “player”? Well if you ever wanted to get inside the mind of a player, here’s what you should know (as told by some of today’s best players):

1. They’re all about stats and numbers.

If you ever watch sports with the guys, you will notice how they analyze everything by numbers; how many shots, how many assist, and how many points. That’s just how they operate. So a player is also all about the number of women he hooked up with and if he has a lot of player friends too, they will be comparing those numbers back to back.

2. They have high expectations.

Most players are charismatic, charming and witty, and they have very high standards, however, they always think they can do better. They always wonder if they can get someone hotter or smarter and they are not easily satisfied. They are always looking for the next best thing.

3. “Effort” has a different meaning in their dictionary.

What girls consider “normal” in a relationship, players consider “effort.” Things like birthday dinners, or ditching the guys for one night, or just spending enough time with the girl is considered going above and beyond for a player. They are easily disappointed when they feel that these efforts are not being appreciated and that’s when they take it all away and go back to doing what they do best-breaking hearts.

4. They are not transparent.

There will always be part of the truth missing and it doesn’t have to be related to women per se. Players are good with words and they usually know how to fabricate stories and tell small fibs with pure conviction. So the stories you get are either slightly adjusted, exaggerated or not true.

5. They know how to turn the tables.

Players know how to argue and manipulate the situation, if they know how to get out of getting a parking ticket, they will definitely know how to get out of a sensible argument. They know how the turn the tables and they abuse this talent relentlessly.

6. If a player is into you, you will know.

Players go after a girl they really want and they know how to pursue women when they need to. So if a player says he is not ready or the timing is just off, that’s his way of saying “I am not interested.” They also lose interest easily, so if things started off well and then you were left wondering exactly what went wrong; he lost interest.

7. They are suspicious.

Players are always so skeptical of the women they’re dating, they think that girls are doing the same thing they are doing. Unless the girl is a player too, the player will always find a reason to suspect any girl’s behavior. They are often scared of the idea that “like attracts like.”

8. They have FOMO.

If all their friends are players too and still single, they will not want to settle down in fear of missing out on player’s paradise. Players only slow down when they feel like their friends are all settling down as well, otherwise, they can keep going for as long as they can.

9. They all have that “one girl.”

They all have that one girl who they’ll never forget, the one girl who got away, the one girl they’d settle down with, or the one girl they’d take back no matter what. The only time you will see the soft and romantic side of a player is when that “one girl” is in the picture.

10. They protect the tricks of the trade.

It was a hassle getting half of this information out of all the players I know. They’re very protective of their game and their “tricks” and they really don’t like sharing it. In their very own words “we’re taking our secrets to the grave.”

If for whatever reason you decide to date a player or fall in love with one, they are a world of their own, I am not saying they will never settle down, but it is definitely one hell of a ride that might make you want to jump out the window halfway through. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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