A Guide To Loving The Girl Who Cares Too Much

Let her know you really like her and say it often because she still won’t believe it.

Be gentle with your words. She will think about them all night and she will remember every single one of them.

Reassure her that it’s OK to talk about her feelings because she feels too much and she will always be scared of pushing you away.

Listen to her as she speaks because she wants to know what you think of her.

Watch her as she listens to you, watch how she is dissecting your every word and watch how she is trying to determine her role in each and every sentence. Watch how happy she is just listening to you.

Don’t look straight into her eyes, she will look away because she doesn’t want you to see the depth of her care and the intensity of her emotions.

Hold her hand tightly because secretly she doesn’t want to let go.

Lead the way sometimes because she can get lost in her own head.

Speak on her behalf sometimes because her words can get lost in translation.

Try to laugh at the silly things she does, she is trying to divert the attention from the serious feelings she is catching.

Ask her questions about her life, she wants to tell you everything but she wants to make sure you actually want to hear it.

Don’t move her hair if it falls down on her face, she doesn’t want you to read her.

Don’t believe her when she tells you she is fine.

Believe her when she tells you she will always be there for you because she doesn’t take her words or feelings back.

Smile back at her when she smiles at you. Her smile is her way of saying she misses you.

Stay beside her when she is uncertain, sometimes all she needs to maintain her focus is your presence.

Believe in her passions, even if they don’t make sense to you, you don’t know how much of her heart is into the things she is passionate about.

Look at the pictures she shows you and listen to the songs she sends you, she wants you to understand her and she wants to show you how you make her feel.

Don’t tell her she is too kind, or too soft, or too caring, just tell her that you care about her too.

If she is giving too much, don’t feel guilty, she is not expecting anything in return.

But ask her what she needs every now and then because sometimes she forgets what it feels like to be cared for. 

When she gives you your space, come back stronger because she probably lost sleep wondering about you.

If she falls asleep in your arms, don’t wake her up. It means she feels safe with you and she wants you to protect her fragile heart.

If you fall in love with the girl who cares too much, don’t let her go because she will never stop showing you how much she cares about you or how much she loves you.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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