8 Telltale Signs You Are Clearly Over ‘Almost’ Relationships

 istockphoto.com / Everste
istockphoto.com / Everste

1. You appreciate consistency.

You don’t have the tolerance to deal with flakey behavior anymore. You appreciate plans that don’t get cancelled. You like regular texts that get answered within a reasonable amount of time. You respect someone who makes time to see you and asks about you. You think it’s cute that someone cares-you actually like it when someone cares.

2. You know what you want.

You don’t have to explore and date around to know what you are looking for anymore. You know what your needs are and you know who would be compatible with you. You don’t convince yourself that you can work with this or that when you know you can’t. You are more assertive in your choices and more certain of your criteria. You are basically all grown up.

3. You can spot the red flags early on.

You can now foretell which direction the relationship will take, you can spot the warning signs early on and politely get out of it before it’s too late. You are aware of the kind of behavior that shows that someone is not invested for the long haul so you don’t even waste your time trying.

4. You’ve finally come to terms with your denial.

Or your fairy-tale fantasy that people change and love changes people and old lovers come back. Sometimes they do, but you no longer wait for anything like that to happen if the odds are against you. You are more realistic with yourself and with others, you know that actions speak far louder than words do and you know that if someone wants to make something happen they will put in a significant amount of effort.

5. You are happier alone than in an unpredictable relationship.

You finally got over the notion that ‘somebody is better than nobody,’ you know now it’s healthier for your heart and your mind to be alone than to be with someone who makes you doubt them, yourself and your relationship. You are no longer fickle in love. At least you have more room to love yourself and let other people in instead of expending all your energy on someone who drains you.

6. You are not trying to fight a losing battle.

You no longer try to prove yourself right and prove others wrong. After a certain amount of time, if you are still unsure of where you stand with someone, you just leave without trying harder. You think if the pieces will not fall somehow effortlessly together than it’s not even worth picking them up. You don’t complicate a complicated situation, you simplify it, and by simplify it I mean let it go.

7. You don’t think crying over someone is endearing anymore.

You don’t think it shows them you care deeply for them or love them.You don’t think it will change their mind or make them softer. You want someone who sits beside you while you cry not someone who makes you cry. You save your tears for what really matters.

8. You are almost a different person.

You changed and your priorities have changed. It’s normal to want something and realize after a certain amount of time that it’s not what you want, and it’s normal to think that you will be okay with something only to realize that you are not. Changing your mind is sometimes a blessing in disguise; especially when it comes to ‘almost’ relationships. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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