8 Dating Habits You Need To Outgrow If You Want A Shot At Real Love

Unsplash Kevin Schmitz
Unsplash Kevin Schmitz

Dating can be confusing these days, while I believe there is no right or wrong in the dating world because every situation is different and what works for someone may not work for another, there are still some dating habits we should drop to make dating a better experience for us.

1. Playing hard to get.

If you really like someone, there is no point in playing hard to get or pretending to be busy all the time. This may give the wrong impression or even turn the other person off completely. You could be subtle or not too forward, but don’t be unapproachable. Confidence is sexy, playing hard to get is a bit immature.

2. Trying to make them jealous.

Unless you are in high-school, trying to make your crush jealous is not going to get their attention, it will just annoy them or make them think you are insecure. Instead of trying to make your crush jealous, try being a little bit more attentive and act as you feel. You wouldn’t want someone you like doing this to you, so why would you do the same to them?

3. Lying.

Lying about who you are or what you like just to get your crush to like you more, or trying to act like you have so much in common when you don’t. If you want someone to like who you really are, then you have to be that person even if it means you will have to disagree on some things. Our differences make the relationship more exciting when we try to invite the other person into our world.

4. Expecting too much too soon.

When you first start talking to someone, you can’t expect them to put you first right away. This develops as you spend more time together and your connection grows, but to expect that your crush will just drop everything and come running to you whenever you need them is not going to make you appreciate the other things your crush is actually doing for you. Appreciation is key to building a good relationship.

5. Being passive aggressive.

I understand how hard it is to discuss what’s really bothering you to someone you like, but if you think you have a valid point and you think you can communicate it in a mature and honest way, it’s better to talk it out then hold it in and create more conflict in the future.

6. Not making your intentions clear.

If you just want to have fun, you have to make that clear from the beginning instead of leading someone on then freak out when they start asking questions. Make sure both of you are on the same page to avoid any misunderstanding and take someone else’s feelings for granted.

7. Using social media to get their attention.

Stop sending ‘subliminal’ messages on Facebook or Instagram so the person you like can see them, or vent your anger on social media. If you think it’s not obvious-it is and it always backfires. Keep your feelings to yourself and don’t use social media as a platform to send messages to someone instead of actually messaging them.

8. Dating someone when you are at your lowest.

Sometimes we need to be on our own and figure everything out before we share our lives with someone else. If you are sad, just got out of a major depression or still healing from a traumatic experience, then you will never be your best self and you will never be able to fully love someone else or enjoy the relationship. Make sure you are stable and happy on your own before you date someone else. You want your presence to have a positive impact on someone’s life and make it better, and you can’t do that when you can’t make your own life better first. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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