45 Things That Make Someone Attractive (That Aren’t Looks)


They say pretty is as pretty does. We focus so much on our physical beauty (which is subjective and does not last) that we forget to give ourselves credit for all the good things we do– the pretty things we do. We forget that our qualities and our characteristics define our real beauty more than our looks. The things that reflect our beauty are the small things we do that we don’t give ourselves enough credit for.

1. Waking up because you have responsibilities even though all you want to do is stay in bed and weep because of something that hurt you the night before.

2. Helping someone else when you can’t help yourself.

3. Staying up late to talk to a friend who wants to vent.

4. Sharing your pain with someone to make them feel less alone.

5. Putting your ego aside and forgiving someone who did you wrong.

6. Letting your baby cousins win any game you’re playing

7. Trying to cheer someone up and being the voice of optimism.

8. Arguing about something you are passionate about.

9. Helping your parents understand social media.

10. Sending a silly selfie to make your friends smile.

11. Stopping to capture a nice view or a nice moment.

12. Smiling at strangers–or just smiling in general.

13. Accepting a challenge that terrifies you.

14. Choosing to see the best in someone everyone avoids.

15. Sending that text even though everyone told you not to.

16. Taking the high road when someone offends you.

17. Remembering birthdays and special occasions.

18. Telling someone you miss them.

19. Telling someone you love them.

20. Apologizing for a mistake.

21. Wishing your bosses well even if they are giving you a hard time.

22. Sending motivational articles and quotes to a friend who is struggling.

23. Singing along to your favorite song.

24. Making excuses for the one you like.

25. Reading books about personal development.

26. Being shy around strangers.

27. Giving directions to someone who is lost.

28. Laughing at your own stories.

29. Telling someone they’re beautiful.

30. Listening to your parents boring stories over and over again.

31. Smelling the rain.

32. Playing with dogs you see on the streets.

33. Going with a friend somewhere they didn’t want to go to alone.

34. Getting excited about your daily horoscope.

35. Getting over something embarrassing you said or did.

36. Choosing to be graceful instead of resentful.

37. Choosing to be hopeful about tomorrow even if today was not so great.

38. Giving someone a warm & fuzzy hug.

39. Trying to meditate.

40. Meeting someone you care about even though you are tired.

41. Googling something you didn’t understand even though you acted like you did.

42. Trying to make someone feel better about themselves.

43. Making fun of yourself.

44. Crying when you are sad.

45. Trying to find beauty in every single day even when it’s hard. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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