21 Words We Use That Our Parents Will Never Understand

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Our generation is known for coming up with the most creative and bizarre words to describe people, love, situations or anything they feel strongly about. Here are 21 words our parents will never understand:

1. Bae

Used instead of “babe” or “baby,” or used to describe someone you like. It’s the latest and greatest form of flattery. “I miss my bae.”

2. Basic

Used to describe someone who is pretty “uncool” and predictable. Mainly used to describe a girl’s style or her personality. “She has no style. She is so basic.” 

3. On Fleek

Another word for on point, it was originally used for perfectly shaped eyebrows, and now it’s used to describe anything perfect. “Chris Hemsworth is on fleek.” 

4. Netflix and chill

How we hook up with people these days and define undefined relationships. Also associated with bae. Baes usually invite one another to Netflix and chill. “We didn’t do much, we just watched Netflix and chilled.”

5. Turn Up

Going crazy and getting loose especially after heavy drinking or consuming any types of drugs, but it can also be used to refer to having a really good time. “Keep calm and turn up.” 

6. Ghosted

When a guy or a girl who seemed into you at first suddenly stops talking to you and doesn’t return your texts or calls, you just got “ghosted.” Derived from “ghost” as in someone you can’t see anymore, someone who just disappeared. “So I think Dan just ghosted me, he hasn’t replied to any of my texts for a week.” 

7. Squad

The new term for best friends, your squad are usually the group of people you hang out with all the time and everybody wants to be your friend. Squad usually comes with goals (see number 8). “Always stay true to your squad. #SquadGoals.”

8. Goals

Constitutes everything we want to achieve in life, relationships, friendships and beauty. One of the most overused hashtags on Instagram. “Zayn Malink & Gigi Hadid are #RelationshipGoals.”

9. Rachet

Someone who is obnoxious and has no class. It could also be something you do. “Inviting your side chick to dinner is so ratchet.” 

10. Ship

The new way to support someone or something is to “ship” it. Mainly used when you like two people together or two people who could potentially end up together. “Everyone ships Jay Z & Beyonce.”

11. Slay 

Used to praise someone who succeeded in something or did something spectacular, another word for “killed it.” It could also be said about someone who is really good looking. “Justin Timberlake always slays.”

12. Pressed

When you like someone a lot that you have no chill and you are obsessing about them. You also sound “pressed” when you are too eager to talk to someone. “She texted me 10 times dude. She’s so pressed.” 

13. Cuffing season.

When the weather is beginning to get cold and people start searching for someone with whom they can spend those long and cold months with. “Everyone is hitting me up, it’s cuffing season!”

14. Sorry not sorry.

When you are shamelessly proud of your bad behavior, so you are sorry that you are not sorry about it even though you should be very sorry about it. “I just called him out on everything. Sorry not sorry.” 

15. FOMO

“Fear Of Missing Out.” When you start having anxiety that others may be having fun with you or when you are afraid of missing out on a certain occasion that sounds promising. “I am going to have a serious case of FOMO if I don’t find tickets to the festival.” 

16. Everything

What you say when you can’t find more meaningful words to describe how good something is, so you say it’s “everything” and hope people get what you are trying to say. “The new Star Wars movie is everything.”

17. AF

Stands for as f*ck and nowadays replaces “very.” It is also used to refer to something you really like or admire. “The food was good as f*ck at that new restaurant.” 

18. Shade

When you say something disrespectful or condescending about someone. You “throw shade” at someone you don’t like or when you are trying to mock them. “Jenna keeps throwing shade at me for forgetting her birthday.”

19. Can’t even

Used mainly by females when they are trying to make sense of a situation but can’t. They can’t even begin to understand it or explain it. Can be also be used instead of “OMG” when a girl is surprised.“He called you again! I just can’t even!”

20. F*ck boy

A  boy who says and does all the right things just to sleep with a woman and then never calls her back. If that term was popular when FRIENDS aired, Joey would’ve been the ultimate f*ck boy. “I am done with all those f*ck boys, I want a real man.”

21. Bless up

Even though it’s not new, thanks to DJ Khaled for bringing this back to life across millennials as the new form of Hello and God be with you. “Bless up. let’s find the keys to success today.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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