20 Signs You’re An Ambivert (Neither An Introvert Nor An Extrovert)

Natalie Allen

If you feel like you’re not totally an introvert and not completely an extrovert, there is a new term for you…AMBIVERT.

Here are some signs you may actually be an ambivert.

1. You like attending big social gatherings and occasions but you don’t necessarily start conversations or seek out new friendships.

2. But you are happy if people come and talk to you and you are more likely to engage in long conversations.

3. You don’t like being alone for a long time, however you also get tired of going out regularly. Weekends are never predictable for you.

4. You know how to blend in really well with both introverts and extroverts and you have close friends of both types.

5. However, your friends probably won’t get along without you.

6. You excel at both solo projects and team work and you are just as productive in both scenarios.

7. You still can’t decide whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert; neither can your friends.

8. You can’t make solid decisions. Because part of you wants to slow things down and the other part wants to speed things up.

9. You are always the sound of wisdom for your friends. Because you have the perfect balance of both introverts and extroverts, they will both come to you for advice because you can relate to both.

10. You have fun partying and just as much fun grabbing coffee with a friend.

11. You can read people better than most as you can put yourself in their shoes for the most part.

12. You can be indecisive and find difficulty in expressing how you truly feel.

13. You probably know how to enjoy your time wherever you go because the usual things that drain an introvert or an extrovert don’t drain you.

14. You are the prefect travel partner because you are more flexible and adaptable than most people.

15. You like being the center of attention sometimes, but too much of it makes you nervous.

16. You have a love-hate relationship with social media. Part of you wants to participate in it and the other is really indifferent about it.

17. You open up to people easily but it takes a while for you to trust someone.

18. You are a great partner because you will be able to provide the perfect balance of depth and playfulness.

19. Some days you blow up your friend’s phones and other days you completely screen their calls.

20. You are not bipolar–you’re just an ambivert! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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