15 Ways Dating A Girl Who Doesn’t Pretend To Be ‘Chill’ Is A Game Changer

 The non-chill girl gets labeled all sorts of things like crazy, high-maintenance or difficult, but if you truly get to know a non-chill girl, you will realize that these stereotypes are not even remotely true. The non-chill girl is just more comfortable in her own skin and dating her will most likely change your life.

Twenty20 wiesmannnn
Twenty20 wiesmannnn

1. She tells it like it is. You will never have to question if you are getting a different side of the story, she puts honesty above everything. What you see is what you get and she will always appreciate and accept your honesty too.

2. She doesn’t play games. She is not going to be strategic with her responses or with her behavior so she can impress you or make you fall for someone she is not. She is not going to pretend that she doesn’t care when she does and she is not going to play by the ‘rules’ if she is into you. If she is into you, she will let you know without beating around the bush.

3. She is passionate. If you date a non-chill girl, get ready for passionate discussions, passionate kisses and passionate everything. She brings passion to everything she does and she will definitely inspire you to live a passionate life.

4. She has her own life. She does her own thing, she is independent and she makes sure she is always engaged in her own activities, so if she likes you it’s because she really wants you in her life not because you just happened to be there or because she needs you.

5. She is full of surprises. The non-chill girl is a planner and a giver, so she will be planning all sorts of fun and exciting things for you. She will be happy to take the lead and make sure you have a great time full of laughter and adventure. She would be more than happy to take you for a ride around town at 4 AM in the morning or surprise you with a trip to an exotic resort.

6. She is generous. With her time, with her money and with herself. She will always go the extra mile for you because she is passionate and she likes you and she will not try to hide it. She cares too much and she will not act like she doesn’t. She wants to invest in you.

7. She has your back. You can count on her to be there for you when all hell breaks loose. She gets it and will always offer tremendous support and she is courageous enough to stand up for you and make sure no one crosses their line.

8. She’s intuitive. She will understand you even if you don’t say a word, because she is highly emotional, she picks up on the feelings and the energy around her especially when it comes to her man, she will be able to accommodate your mood because she knows how to read you.

9. She will let you embrace your uniqueness. Because she doesn’t pretend to be someone else, she will make sure you do the same. If you want to cry or throw tantrums or even be a clown for the day, she will be all for it and will probably think it’s endearing. The non-chill girl appreciates realness more than anything. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else around her.

10. She will be your best friend. People think the chill girl is the girl who will watch sports with you and crack jokes with your friends, but the non-chill girl will support your dreams and your aspirations, she will also help you get over your fears or limitations. She will help you with the profound things, the things that people usually don’t want to deal with.

11. She will be committed to you. The non-chill girl doesn’t half-ass anything, so if you two are together, expect her to be committed, loyal, honest and just investing in the relationship as time goes by. She will definitely give it her all.

12.She checks herself. She knows when her emotions can get the best of her and she will always come around and apologize or admit her mistakes. She is not afraid to say sorry and she knows how to make up for her shortcomings.

13. She considers the small things. Since she is detail oriented, she brings this skill to everything in her life. She is going to consider your time, your family, your friends, your needs and you. You won’t find her asking you to do something that is completely inconvenient or unreasonable for you. She is going to put you first.

14. She can be chill for yousometimes. As opposed to what people may think, the non-chill girl is capable of being flexible or chill from time to time, once she reaches a comfortable level with you, or if you really want her to just go with the flow, she will make an exception, just for you, and she will do it happily-without complaining.

15. She will give you an unforgettable kind of love. Her love is strong and she will love you deeply. She is going to give you her all willingly. She knows what she wants and that includes you. She knows that when it comes to love she doesn’t want to be ‘chill’ because she can’t be ‘chill’ about the things that matter. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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