9 Signs You’re Becoming A Legit Introvert After Years Of Identifying As An Extrovert

Twenty20 evawaltz
Twenty20 evawaltz

1.You finally understand why alone time is so great.

You now look forward to the weekends solely to take a break, unwind and engage in solo activities. You no longer want to go out and party or be around a lot of people. You don’t mind just spending your down time reading a book, cooking, watching TV or just listening to music, as opposed to mingling your night away.

2. You have far less tolerance for small talk than you once did.

You are now accused of being too “deep” because you just can’t stick to small talk anymore. It’s not that you hate small talk, you just hate how little it tells you about a person, and how it’s so redundant and uninviting. You want to scratch beneath the surface, talk about life, love and the stuff that truly unmasks the person in front of you. You are more interested in conversations that stimulate your mind and your heart.

3. Your text message response time is getting longer and longer, and you’re missing more calls altogether on purpose.

Back in your extroverted days, you used to make time for everyone-you made time to meet for coffee, for lunch, for dinner, or any other invitation you can get. Now you screen calls and texts and only make time for a few close ones. You are becoming more selective and your social circle keeps getting smaller and smaller, but in this case, you know less is definitely more.

4. Casual dating suddenly seems like a chore.

You strive for more depth and meaning in your life now, you can’t help but think about the future, and you want someone who is on the same page as you are. You want to share your thoughts about family, marriage, kids, and even divorce.You don’t have the same fears about commitment as you used to, and you want to build a real connection. You are also outgrowing playing games. You are more real with yourself and with those around you. The game is over for you.

5. You realize that you’re the best version of yourself when when you’re alone.

Whether working alone, or even just probing any serious matter, your best thoughts & ideas are shaped when you are by yourself. You are more inspired and motivated to think things through and get things done when you don’t have to deal with a lot of people. You are not opposed to people, but you know they will put a damper on your originality.

6. Your headphones are turning into your shield.

Whether it’s walking to the supermarket, taking the metro, or running on your treadmill. Your headphones never come off, whether you are actually listening to music or not. You went from actively seeking out conversations with people, to wanting to be alone with your thoughts and avoiding contact as much as you can. Your hide behind your headphones to distract you from all the noise around you.

7. Family gatherings and networking are more draining than anything. 

They now feel more of a liability than an enjoyable time, you start to shut down after having to talk to or entertain so many people, or repeat yourself over & over again. After having to explain to everyone what you do for a living, and answering endless questions about your marital status, you look forward to going home and staying there for days to come.

8. Conflict doesn’t thrill you anymore—at all.

Gone are the days when you were the first person to jump in and settle an argument, or make sure your friend gets the right order at the restaurant. You prefer not to be part of any social altercation, you prefer to hang out in a harmonious ambiance. You now choose to walk away or take the high road, something your extroverted old self would have never approved of.

9. You are finally aware of who you are and what you want.

It all comes down to knowing what you want and who you are, the more you do, the more you like your own company and start becoming indifferent to all the social pressure & necessities that used to fill a certain void. You start enjoying your own thoughts, because they reflect who you are. You are beginning to like the voices in your head, because they don’t torment you like they used to. You finally found peace in your heart with every beat, instead of burning with desire for something you can’t attain. Your solitude doesn’t scare you anymore, it feels more like home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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