30 Questions You Wish You Could Ask The Jerk Who Ghosted You

Twenty20 alesha_macarosha
Twenty20 alesha_macarosha

1. Why did you bother talking to me in the first place?

2. What am I supposed to do if we run into each other?

3. How many women did you ghost before me?

4. At what point exactly did you decide that I deserved to be ignored altogether?

5. How would you like it if I ghosted you?

6. Was it something I said, or something I did?

7. Why did you change your mind?

8. Do you still think about me? Ever? At least a little?

9. Will you ghost the next girl too?

10. Have you been ghosted before? Is this like a ghosting pay it forward thing?

11. Did you do this to look *cool* in front of your friends?

12. What would your mom think?

13. How would you feel if your sister was ghosted?

14. If we ever start talking again, would you have the guts to ghost me again? Is double ghosting your trademark or something?

15. Why is it so hard for you to just text back?

16. Should I expect an apology at some point down the line, once you realize what an asshole you’ve been?

17. Do you ghost your own issues too?

18. Are you at all concerned about your reputation?

19. Why is honest communication so terrifying to you?

20. Why are you still following me and liking my stuff on social media?

21. Do you realize you’re making a normal person seem crazy?

22. Do you regret it? Like, at all? Even a smidge?

23. What goes through your head when you are ghosting someone?

24. When will you realize that there is nothing sexy about it?

25. Do you realize that ghosting only makes you a coward?

26. Do you ghost your bosses and colleagues too?

27. Do you feel at all guilty?

28. Aren’t you concerned about your Karma?

29. How many ghosts will it take for you to settle down?

30. When exactly do you plan to grow up? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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