16 Things You Should Say Hello To In 2016

Twenty20, ellostephh
Twenty20, ellostephh


Say Hello to the voices in your head that tell you that this is your year, that this year will be kind to you, that this year you will shine, that you will not let this year be another “mediocre” one. This is your year.



Say Hello to confidence, to achieving the new goals you’re setting for yourself to become happier, whether personally or professionally. Start actively seeking them out and see how easily they will you seek you back.



Say Hello to all those possibilities and dreams that your negativity clouded or your imagination tainted. Realize that your treasure is your mind, and it will get you everywhere you want.



Say Hello to new experiences and new memories that will shape you into who you will be. Stick to the right company and it will be a memorable year.



Say Hello to the opportunities that knock on your door, the ones that you were too scared to take. Welcome them in with open arms and an open heart and watch fear slowly walk out the door.



Say Hello to giving your passion a second chance or how many chances there may be. Each day is another good reason to try. This is your calling and it doesn’t want you to give up on it.



Say Hello to your friends and loved ones. Call them often, show them you care, cherish their presence and be grateful for their company. Say Hello to them every day if you can.



Say Hello to practicing gratitude, to giving back, to helping someone who can’t help you back. Watch how karma returns the favor.



Say Hello to opening your heart to love again, to giving love another shot. Your heart is still beating for a reason, don’t bury it just yet.



Say Hello to a new mindset. A mindset that makes you believe in yourself and your potential. A mindset that allows you to make things happen. A mindset that doesn’t only see the faults of the previous years or the previous failures.



Say Hello to learning. A new craft, a new class, a new project, or even learning more about yourself. You are a masterpiece that needs to be studied too.



Say Hello to smiling. At a stranger, at your barista, at your boss, at your dog, and at yourself. Find a reason to smile every single day.



Say Hello to driving. Driving yourself to unfamiliar territories, driving yourself to be better, driving yourself to do something you’ve been putting off until the time is right. The time is right now, you just have to start the engine.



Say Hello to strength, the strength that lifts the weight of the world off your shoulders, the strength that gets you through another rough day, the strength you never knew you had.



Say Hello to moving. Moving on, moving forward, moving your body, or moving someone else’s heart.



Say Hello to your story, the story that you will write yourself this year. The story that you can still rewrite, edit and add more characters to. The story that you can still change and the story that you can one day look back and read it over and over again with pure contentment. TC mark

Rania Naim

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.


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