10 Reasons Why It’s Better To Find A Career To Love (Than Someone To Love)

1. The return on investment of a career you feel passionate about is massive.

When you invest all you’ve got in a job that you genuinely love, you can always guarantee 100% ROI. You truly reap what you sow. Of course, there will be challenges and setbacks, but every misstep is a chance to do better.

2. Your job can’t break up with you.

You could invest all you’ve got in another person and things still might not work out in the end because of a simple selfish decision on their part, or bad timing. When you invest in building a career you truly care about, on the other hand, it provides you with the commitment you deserve. Even if it takes a few attempts to find the right gig, it will never ambush you one night or suddenly ghost.

3. A solid career path provides a sense of purpose that no one can take away from you.

The career that you love will motivate you every single day. When we do work we love, it makes us look forward to learning and growing so that we actually want to wake up every single morning and improve ourselves. You will not feel like your time is wasted or that your days are all the same when you pursue your professional passion. And no one can take that away from you.

4. It can also lead to true happiness.

When you don’t love the work you do, romantic relationships tend to become your main source of happiness. And when your personal happiness is entirely dependent on another individual, you’re on shaky territory. People who do what they love are generally happier and can handle hardships better than those who are stuck at a job they loathe. A career you love can give you the sense of belonging and support that you long for in a partner day to day.

5. And it will probably make you a better person overall.

When you do something you love, you automatically become more excited about life overall and more interested in self-improvement in all areas. So you enroll in additional courses and workshops and read more books and start eating healthier and exercising more. It’s the ripple effect of positivity!

6. It can even heal you.

The job that you love is an outlet and a safe haven. It can distract you from your worries, and even make them fade away.

7. It will also position you for success.

When you love what you do, you’ll find yourself thinking about work long after you leave the office, during your free time. Because work that you love doesn’t seem like a tedious chore at all. That makes it easier to foresee challenges and to think of ways to overcome them before they arise. The stamina and energy you bring to the table will push you to succeed and to accomplish more than what is expected from you.

8. It will make a mentor out of you.

When you do things you love, you become a source of motivation to others, even a mentor. We all have callings and passions that we should not dismiss, and when others see that you’ve followed your dream, they’ll be more likely to look to you as an example and to pursue their own.

9. Your career will constitute your legacy.

Your career is ultimately a reflection of your role on this earth, and the value you’ve added while alive. When we are long gone, we will be remembered for what we did, how many people we’ve touched, and how many people we’ve helped, not who we loved or who touched our hearts. Not who left us or who we left. Not for our significant others or our heartbreaks. We will be remembered for the work we created and left for others, the way we changed the game, the small or big difference we made.

10. Your career won’t stop you from finding someone to love too.

I am a big advocate of love because I believe it is one of the most beautiful and reviving experiences in life, and that it can make even the most dreadful of days so much easier. I still am. However, I am now a bigger advocate of finding a career you love first. When I was unhappy in my career, a partner became the only thing I could look forward to. That all changed when I realized that I love to write, and that writing would provide me with a sense of fulfillment that no one else could rob me of. Now, I feel readier than ever to find someone to love as well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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