Is It Okay To Drink Alcohol On A Daily Basis?

Patrick Schöpflin
Patrick Schöpflin

It’s often really easy for one glass of wine to turn into two, add some vodka drinks to the mix and you’ve gone all out. We’ve all wondered at some point, is it better to stay sober during the week and go all out only on the weekends or is it ok to have a drink on the daily?

The issues with drinking

Heavy drinking – which according to research signifies drinking more than 4 hard liquor-type drinks if you’re a girl, and more than 5 if you’re a guy, within a 2 hour period – has been known – even if on a single night – to be harmful to the human body. Some of the scary features of over-drinking include possible loss of memory, injuries (so that’s where those bruises came from), possible coma, stroke, alcohol poisoning and alcohol addiction among other things.

The bright side

According to Dr Alison Moore, a professor of medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine, drinking one or half a drink on a regular basis can reduce risks of heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. According to research, drinking can also help increase your brain health, and protect you against dementia.

What’s more, science states that a moderate amount of alcohol consumption can lead to increased facial attractiveness to others, which basically means that, to most, you look more attractive with a glass of wine in your hand!

However, what people often fail to keep in mind, is that you ONLY benefit from the aforementioned alcohol benefits once you are middle-aged and more. According to Moore, this is due to the fact that people in their 20s and 30s don’t suffer strokes and heart diseases which prevents them from benefitting from the most significant advantages that alcohol consumption has to offer.

Furthermore, drinking is not for everybody. According to research, even a small consumption of alcohol on a daily basis can lead to an increased risk for women who have a history of breast disease.

Moreover, if you’re drinking to cure anxiety, depression or some other mental or personal problem, you should consult someone such as a health expert or a health coach.

To put it in a nutshell

Research states that drinking in moderation – even if on a daily basis – is better than being sober all week and getting trashed on the weekends. The best thing to do, thus is to stick to drinking moderately, that is, having one drink per day if you’re a woman and two per day if you’re a guy and stay away from over-drinking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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