If You’re Responding To A Text With ‘K’ That Isn’t During These 12 Moments, You’re Wrong


It’s interesting how one single letter can be so harsh. Regularly used in text messages or online, the word/letter/phrase/term, “K” really only means one thing: Fuck You. The use of a “K” should be reserved for very selective moments of frustration or annoyance, otherwise it sends the wrong impression.

I know, there are exceptions to this rule, maybe you’re in a rush, maybe your ride is “here” and you’re like “k,” or maybe you just actually talk like that. For those people, who are you? Why do you do it? Do you realize how offensive it can be when someone “K’s” you out of nowhere and you’re just sitting there like, “????”

This is why I think there are only certain situations that warrant the use of a “K.”

I’ve already listed some (in a rush, ride is here, etc.), but there are some situations where a “K” is necessary to portray your anger/annoyance/overall resentment of human life (my glass IS half full I swear!!!!) without having to actually say it. For example…


You’re texting a boy and you’re trying to “seem aloof” but he is so much better at it than you are that by the time he answers your texts all you really want to say to him is “K.”


You last-minute cancel plans with someone (happens to the best of us, sorry that it’s bitchy) for probably a made up reason like “My dog ate my homework so I have to re-do it” and you’re friend can see right through you and just “K’s” the crap out of you.


You find out it’s your week to take out the trash and the most you can muster to your group text is a sullen “K.”


Grub Hub texts you the estimated arrival time for your order and it’s much longer than you thought and even though they won’t see it you’re just like, “K.”


You drive to someone’s house and ask them where you can park and they respond, “nowhere” and you’re just like “……..K”


You REALLY want to go out but no one in your immediate friend group does so your response to all of the no’s in the GroupMe is simply, “K”


It’s 55 and sunny on Monday but you wake up on Tuesday to 3 inches of snow and 10 degree weather and you’re just like “K…..weather…..K”


When your mom tells you an annoying relative will be staying with you over the weekend and will “need your room” and you’re just like this isn’t worth it but “K”


You get a UMD text alert about this “first Wednesday of the month an alarm will sound” BS and you’ve been going to this school for three years so you’re just like “K”


When someone makes fun of you for talking too much about your summer camp but you know it’s just out of jealousy so you’re just like “…..K”


You want to annoy the shit out of someone so you just keep responding “K”


Someone pushes past you and you take offense and you yell after them (but it’s mostly to yourself) “K!!!!”

There are a lot of instances where K’s are acceptable, but be aware, if you do “K” someone, you WILL come off as rude and you WILL seem like a bitch. I don’t mind that look, but if you do, be kautious, kareful, and kind with your words, the world loves nice girls. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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