38 Of The Most Shocking, WTF Secrets From 38 Strangers On The Internet

27. bbbdddeee

I’m in the closet. It’s dark.

28. throwaway4557845587

My grandmother keeps a few pistols from her late husband in a filing cabinet. Last Christmas, my cousins and family were down here and one of my cousins’ husband noticed that one of her pistols had a round in it (it’s a revolver) and didn’t know why. Nobody did. Except me.

29. crazu

I’m a man, but I was raped by a woman while on gap year. I was 18, she was 23. I was drunk, abroad, I’d fended her off a few times before but we still had a polite flirty banter, she’d publicly embarrassed me in a professional place and thought she would fuck me to make up for it. I tried to tell her no but I’m not sure I was able to say the words, I definitely told her I was a virgin and didn’t want to. The worst part is that I then saw her again and slept with her again, I regret ever meeting her.

30. kingmic

Had a threesome during college with a 36yr old woman and her husband. Amazing experience.

31. handydandy1234

I fingered and made out with my best friend’s gf during a party one time. Yes, I’m a scumbag. I regret it everyday.

32. throwawaytoy1

I used to box and would run my small town. One day my friend didn’t show up to practice, so i ran to his house to see what was up. Well I thought id sneak inside and scare him since neither of his parents cars were in the driveway. I went inside and searched the entire house for him. Couldn’t find him. I got bored and started reading one of his dads playboys. Well i remembered we found his moms dildos in her top dresser so i thought is have another look. I pulled out a pink one about and inch wide and about 7 inches long. It was a vibrator. Well i had the idea to see what it felt like. So i got it wet with water, pulled my pants down, and spread my ass cheeks. I pushed it inside my ass. It hurt so bad! I kept it there for a few seconds and realized I might shit myself. So I took it out, rinsed it off and took a shit. It hurt running back to the boxing gym. Nobody else but me knows.


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