38 Of The Most Shocking, WTF Secrets From 38 Strangers On The Internet

19. ystra

I tried to summon a demon once.

20. Tofubrain

I was 13 and me and a friend went to a graveyard. We noticed some fresh plots with merely placards in plastic sleeves (about 6 of them) in place of tombstones. I decided to switch them all up. To this very day I feel horrible about this. And I will for the rest of my life.

21. Visenya_Targaryen

I set my molesters house on fire.

22. throawaysecret123423

I contemplate suicide regularly. I don’t want to kill myself, but the thought is always lingering.

23. throwxxaway898

When I was 23 I hired a overweight tattooed hooker who was my age. over the last 5 years I’ve probably spent $4000-$6000 on whores. It wouldn’t be so bad if I made a lot of money but I don’t.

24. stillmorethrowaway

I’m married and have a young child. I’m a successful medical professional. However, I am completely anhedonic; I cannot and do not experience pleasure. Life is boring and I think about suicide every day. I’m not sad, I’m just bored. If I thought my son would grow up fine without me I would find a fun way to kill myself within the next 24 hours.

25. marchainstoopid

I’m a lesbian. This is this first time I’ve said it seeing as I have a boyfriend. edit: told my boyfriend. He knew.

26. Danger_Tits

I shit in a trash can one time during class. Fuck throwaways, no one will see this anyways.
Edit: oh god what have I done


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