38 Of The Most Shocking, WTF Secrets From 38 Strangers On The Internet

13. JahovasFitness

My cousin and I did it.

14. DarkKittyWarmKitty

When I was 18, I got suckered into being a legal adult for a Habitat for Humanity style summer camp. About ten hours of construction labor on a good day, and many were much longer. After a particularly long day and a death at a sister camp, the power went out at the church we stayed at. I got cornered in a stairwell by a guy that was much bigger than me, and pretty brutally raped. He had clearly done this before. What makes this so difficult was that he was slightly younger, only 17 at the time and as a legal adult, it was very clear that any kind of sexual contact with campers was forbidden. It had been explained early on that even the rumor of sexual action could be grounds for dismissal from camp, complete dismissal from the church, or even legal action due to an “elevated position of power”. As it stands, I’m afraid to mention this to the church for fear that they’ll try to have me arrested.

15. radj06

I basically killed my mom it was two days after my 16th birthday and I had a haircut appointment about half an hour away my mom picked me up after school and I wanted to drive. I feel asleep at the wheel and went off the road and hit a redwood. My mom died my little brother had to get his spine fused and lost about a third of his small intestine. I told everyone I don’t know what happened and the doctors said short term memory loss is usual in these kinds of accidents but I remember what happened I’ve just never been able to admit that it was all my fault.

16. need_my_amphetamines

Not proud, but it happened. I was involved in an all-male three-some. Just to see what it was like. Found out I was definitely straight.

17. qwertynipples

My dad used to eat me out when I was little, it started when I was 9. I had this robot book I really liked, he’d start reading it, and slowly tug on my pjs at a key point in the story until by the end of the book, I was waist-down naked. He’d make a little game of it, get me laughing, walking his fingers up my legs, and then tuck his head in. He never penetrated me with his dick though. It ended when I was 13, and he walked in on me eating out my bff/gf-to-be. We chatted about it after, awkwardly as could be expected. He said in a way, he was sort of glad I didn’t have a bf, cuz he didn’t know what he’d do if he found some other guy taking what he couldn’t have, or didn’t allow himself to have. He said he just wanted to make me happy, and now that I’d found someone else, that was okay. Ngl, I did sorta enjoy it. Then I went on to sleep with my friend’s dad when I was 15, and fucked my history teacher at his summer cottage. I work as an upscale escort now (although I do work elsewhere too), and have trouble viewing sex as anything but a gift of physical pleasure, not necessarily tied to love. I don’t know if that’s wholly tied to my experience as a kid.

18. mostlyrance

I’m male. I was raped by 3 boys when I was 10 No one else knows.


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