This Is How Guarded Girls Love Differently

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The guarded girl will never hand you her heart on a silver platter. She will never wear her heart on her sleeve. She’ll make you work for it. More days than not, you will not know where her head’s at. You’ll constantly find yourself on the outskirts, wondering if she truly cares or if it is all just a mind game that she’s perfectly mastered.

You have to know it’s not that she wants to play you or trick you, she is just insanely protective of her heart. Truth is, she may not even be sure where that protective nature comes from.

The guarded girl has walls so damn high that she needs you to break through. It’s not that she wants to make you work for it, she just has an inexplicable feeling of doubt and this belief that people always leave. That feeling can stem from anywhere — a parent figure not staying around, a boyfriend leaving in the quietest of nights, or even a friend unexpectedly losing their life too young.

The guarded girl has trust issues. She’s been lied to, played with, manipulated, so she’s learned to turn the tables and become the player. She knows it isn’t right, and yet she can’t help herself. She’s always weary that you have a trick up your sleeve. She never believes that you are being 100% honest with her. And so she’ll flirt and convince you that she has multiple suitors. That you mean nothing to her, that you’re just one in a string of casual flings.

The guarded girl will never fall in love until she’s 100% sure you’re ready to catch her.

Guarded girls are hard to love, but they are one of a kind. They take their time to let you in, but once they do, they will love you with a love incomparable to the rest. They will be there for you — day or night. They will give it to you all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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