Millennials Are The Generation With Peter Pan Syndrome


We’re the generation known for our Peter Pan Syndrome. We’re so focused on staying young that we forget to think about our futures. We figure we can live in the moment, dealing with the consequences once they come. We quit stable jobs to chase after our passions; however, our passions seem to change daily. We stay at jobs for a year max, stating we’re leaving for a better position. One we love more. But, we find ourselves stagnant. Maybe it’s because we quit before really discovering our passions.

We’re so focused on the journey, never the destination. We blow our paychecks on shots and Instagram worthy restaurants.

We’re convinced we’ll grow up. One day, a light will click and we’ll fix everything. We’ll be adults.

But, maybe that’s the problem.

We’ve been stuck in this Peter Pan syndrome for so long that we’re unsure how to get out. We swear we’ll change. We’ll grow up. But what does growing up even mean?

401ks? Saving accounts? No more binge drinking?

Maybe it’s just about finding ourselves. About getting to a place where we’re genuinely happy and know where our lives are headed. Maybe it’s about exploring our passions and finding what we love in terms of things other than travel.

Maybe it’s about taking a step back and, just for a brief moment, focusing on the destination. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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