5 Simple Rituals That Will Help You Manifest A Better Life

We are inundated by modern-day spiritual leaders and “enlightened gurus” advertising their spiritual paths with books, podcasts, expensive journals, motivational talk tours, and retreats. Bursting of boundless enthusiasm, they claim to help you to get aligned and feel good about yourself. They tell you to live your best life by following them and worshipping everything they do.

We all have been on our spiritual paths since we were born. Therefore, you don’t need to follow and buy into their expensive retreats to be able to manifest the life you dream of or be the best version of yourself and be in sync with your true nature.

Enlightened gurus aren’t the first ones to introduce this miraculous concept to you. You knew all along, and you know what feels right for you. What you need is simply to become conscious of your inner world, and once you do, you may want to improve on your routines and rituals to walk your spiritual path, not someone else’s who sold it to you online.

Life is your journey with your rules, and this also goes with your spiritual rituals and routines. What we don’t often realize is that you already have been practicing spiritual rituals all along unconsciously. When we become more conscious of our thoughts and practices, we feel more alive and in peace.

We also start making better judgment calls by trusting our intuition when we are more aligned with our spirituality. Most of us do spring cleaning, take a warm bath to relax, listen to uplifting music, or take a walk in the park or by the ocean to clear our minds and relax. What spiritual leaders and motivational speakers do is rename these rituals “energy cleansing,” “spiritual grounding,” “awakening,” or “healing.”

Different approaches and methods are being used as marketing tools of what we all know and do. We are already unconsciously in sync with our true nature. Nevertheless, motivational speakers tell you that they are here to shake you out of your brain fog. And energy cleansing, grounding, and awakening lead to knowledge and abundance.

By exploring the five commonly used rituals to manifest the better life, you can most likely tick the ones you have already been practicing.

1. Awakening routines

Pick up a journal or laptop and write down your current thoughts and feelings. By doing this, you’ll be able to pinpoint the energy blockages, such as patterns we take on, trapped emotions, and past or current traumas.

Meditate in silence or with a free guided meditation available from many online sources. You can also meditate with crystals. This is often called “crystal healing.” For example, you can use citrine to aid in manifestation and abundance, rose quartz for self-love, and black onyx for protection.

If you are religious or have been at some point in life, quietly say a prayer or write it down to practice every day. This will help you to focus and bring inner peace.

2. Energy cleansing routines

Energy cleansing can be done for everything; your body, your house, and individual items. Soak in a bath, go to a sauna, or swim in the ocean. Clean your house and declutter your wardrobe, bookshelf, fridge, storage, and garage. Cleanse your crystals, and use herbs such as rosemary, sage, and lemon balm to cleanse your environment.

Use your imagination. Imagine healing aura around you giving your protective energy. Eat and drink fresh healing foods, such as celery juice, herbal tea, and turmeric curries.

3. Grounding routines

Let your mind wander. Explore nature and spend time outdoors swimming in the lake or ocean, walking barefoot if possible, and looking at the sky above you to help you put things into perspective. If you are unable to go outdoors, visualizing helps with grounding energy. Concentrate on your breathing and feel each breath you take. Note your surroundings and describe them in your mind.

4. Knowledge routines

When you have awakened, energy cleansed, and grounded yourself, write down what you feel. Your thoughts may have changed during these rituals, and you may feel differently about life, situations, and people. You may feel more compassion, forgiveness or overall positivity. Observe what inspired you and set this as your routine. Now, you may want to listen to the other spiritual teachers, but observe with clarity and wisdom.

5. Abundance routines

You can start manifesting abundance by making gratitude lists and vision boards, but the main focus should be yourself as a person. Start talking and thinking about yourself more positively and everything else will follow. If you don’t check in with yourself, the lists and the boards are useless. Unless you make these rituals a routine, the positive outlook and relief they provide are temporary. The rituals help you realize your potential and alter your mindset to the point where you attract better opportunities. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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