Here’s What Texting With A Creepy Guy Looks Like

“It’s my room I painted it just moved wasn’t saying anything besides that.” Are you sure? Way to back-peddle! As a girl born and raised in the Midwest, that is not how things are done. Have you ever sent a girl you’ve never met a picture of your bed at 11pm?

I could see this as being slightly less inappropriate if I had:

a) Sent the guy nudes (which I didn’t, but I’m sure he lurked my IG or possibly googled me enough to be interested in knowing what I would look like in front of his freshly painted walls).

b) Met him through Tinder. Tinder seems sketchy. I had it for like a month, swiped left a ton, and deleted that shit.

c) Given him literally one hint that suggested “I want to see your bed and come over late at night to make whoopee.”

Oh and let’s address “sorry for the one time I’ve ever called you” AT 2:17 AM. That doesn’t come off like a drunk booty call at ALL, dude! That’s totally not “how you work”.

This is the part where I call him thirsty without actually saying it. Of course he doesn’t get it.

Here's What Texting With A Creepy Guy Looks Like

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