Here’s How You Make Situations Awkward, Based On Your Enneagram Type

Type 1: The Reformer

You make things awkward by panicking/stressing about every detail whilst trying to appear calm and by taking everything personally, and people are forced to pretend they don’t notice because they sense that you don’t want them to.

Type 2: The Helper

You make things awkward by passively forcing people to participate in the “read my mind” game and getting upset when they can’t and don’t ever say no when you mean to, even though look like you want to.

Type 3: The Motivator

You make things awkward by trying to prove that you are successful whilst casually ignoring the previous mistakes you’ve already made and by never turning your work self “off”.

Type 4: The Romantic

You make things awkward by obsessing in despair over things you can’t change, crying compulsively to then shame yourself for ‘acting out’, and trying to find the meaning of life over super casual exchanges with people you kind of know.

Type 5: The Thinker

You make things awkward by hiding your true thoughts but not being able to hide your true feelings on your face; things can get awkward when you are at social functions and end up in the center of everything.

Type 6: The Skeptic

You make things awkward by never making up your mind about anything, procrastinate everything, and then break into a panic because you are a perfectionist still.

Type 7: The Enthusiast

You make things awkward by never finishing any….; then picking up somewhere else..WAY OVER THERE and then….

Type 8: The Leader

You make things awkward by assuming that you are in charge when people are just hanging out; also, you don’t forget the things we all want to forget and you make them known at the worst possible times.

Type 9: The Peacemaker

You make things awkward by taking everything so personally that people are afraid to say anything that is less than sweet and that freaks you out too because you feel excluded, start over-thinking, can’t sleep, don’t understand, can’t determine what you want, want to be taken seriously, but won’t stop rambling, and publicly suppress your feelings in the most obvious fashion. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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