15 Ways She Is Trying To Tell You That She Wants More


1. She opens up to you/trusts you

When a girl likes you, she doesn’t hide things. She may not share every aspect of her life, but you can trust that if she is sharing aspects of her life consistently that no one else knows about that she is hoping for more than just a friendship. You will know the difference between how she trusts you versus other guys/people in her life.

2. She listens to you when you open up

When you want to share the things that are happening in your life, she listens for real.  She actively pays attention and takes what you are saying seriously. She also doesn’t run your business up and down. She’s present in the moment, just her and you.

3. She is affectionate

But not to everyone. Even a sweet girl doesn’t display that to everyone. If you feel her affection towards you and you feel a tad bit special…you probably are.

4. She gets jealous

When she sees you spending a lot of time with other girls, comfortable would be the last word you would use to describe the way that the air feels around her. She doesn’t like it, but she doesn’t try to control you. If you feel weird talking about girls with her, there is a reason.

5. She checks in on you

She wants to know how you’re doing, keeps tabs on progress with things you said you were working on, notices slight changes in your appearance and demeanor.

6. She asks you questions

She initiates deep questions and is genuinely curious about your life, your interest, your hobbies, your past, your beliefs, your family, your journey. All of it. She’s only asking because she wants to know. She only wants to know because she is interested.

7. She blushes often at random times

Things that were not intended to make her blush, do. If it happens often enough you can maybe consider that you or something you are saying/doing is the thing inspiring the rising rosiness in her cheeks and the thoughts she probably won’t share with you anytime soon.

8. Her friends ask you what you think

If a good friend of hers has mentioned it, it is a real thing. Friends are never “just curious”.

9. She spends/makes time for you

You know she has things to do, but when it comes to you there seems to mostly be a way to make things work. Except for when she really can’t or is playing hard to get or whatever. The point is, she makes time for you because she likes the space you occupy in her life.

10. She flirts

If she’s coy, sweet, directed, and definitely flirting with you…do not ignore it. She wants something more than just friendship.

11. She treats you differently

She stares a little longer, smiles a little harder, laughs easier around you, singles you out often, and makes you feel special….it’s because you are, to her.

12. She becomes hypersensitive

If she gets embarrassed easily around you, gets nervous, gets her feelings hurt easier when you say things it’s because you and your opinions carry a weight in her life. She notices you and cares about what you think.

13. She doesn’t talk to other men

She won’t go giving other guys a real shot if you are the only person she is hoping to be with. If she is friend-zoning other guys and not shutting the option down with you, she may want to be with you.

14. She is touchy-feely

Shoulder touches, forearm grazes, extended eye contact, preference of hugging, etc. She likes it when you are near. She likes to be close. It matters.

15. She tells you

If she has told you then she means it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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