10 Subtle Signs That You Have Gotten Too Comfortable

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1. You have memories of dreams

Lately, you don’t dream. You have no visions. You just operate. You may have memories of the times when you did dream. You remember being wide eyed with out of this world ideas. You would explode with excitement when a new idea caught your heart strings. Now you smile sadly at “young optimists”. Where have your dreams gone?

2. You don’t have the motivation to work hard for what you want

You do not exceed. You simply meet. You now just do the bare minimum. Whenever you more than the bare minimum it puts you in a bad mood fast. You don’t try anymore. That can be a sign that you are too comfortable in your safety net and are scared of drawing any attention to yourself and failing in return.

3. You are scared of changing pace, scenery, or anything else

You stay because at least you are an expert in these circles. You know what you are doing where you are, you know what is expected from you with the people in your life, you know what you expect from yourself in this situation. You are afraid of new demands and not being able to rise to that occasion. If you are making decisions based off of fear, maybe it’s time that you stopped doing just that.

4. You feel restless where you are

Even though you feel secure because you know what to say and do at home, at work, and in your relationships, there is a huge part of you that feels trapped. You are scared that this is what your life has amounted to but are established where you are and you are nervous about new beginnings.

5. You complain nonstop and are rude

All that emotion that you are repressing is coming out in the worst of forms. You mumble complaints, criticize yourself and others, and are pretty rude. You get mad at people who minimal reasons because you are actually expressing your disappointment in yourself for bowing to your fear as opposed to running after your dreams. However, you don’t have to keep operating at your bare minimum

6. You can predict what is going to happen next and why

You just operate. With your eyes closed, you could predict every upcoming conversation, every question, every event, every moment. You don’t get shocked because you are so adjusted to where you are in life that there is no more need to adjust any further. Now, you are coasting.

7. People can predict you

You are no surprise. People know what you are going to wear, say, do, etc. You are reliable because you are so predictable but it also feels like another form of being trapped but by yourself. Deep down, you hate feeling this way but are unsure what to do.

8. You have very low expectations

For yourself, for the people around you, for the events of your life, for the things that will be accomplished that day. You just go with it because you always know what it might be. Sometimes, you want to expect things. Anything. But you don’t.

9. You don’t believe for big things anymore

It’s not that you don’t believe that they happen… you just don’t believe that they can happen for you. You always think in terms of ‘but what are the chances of that happening?’ You are an exception skeptic nowadays, but all you want to do is dream.

10. You are unbothered

By the stability of your life. Nothing ruffles your feathers, nothing throws you off guard, nothing pisses you off. You just coast.

If you ever reach a point when you are tired of coasting, don’t wait for permission to rise. Just get up. Just move forward. Just take the risk and remember that risks are supposed to be uncomfortable so let your feathers be ruffled. Or stay, stay where you are. The choice is always yours to make. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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